Our Pick - Reading Suggestions for January 20th

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A Walk Around the Longshaw Estate by @ellenripley


It looks like you had a very nice walk and made some astonishing photos! I like the one with trees and the American holly photo... That red color looks so great in contrast with the background...
Thanks for sharing!

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Another Goal Achieved || Reached 500 HP Milestone || 1000 HP Next Target by @mistural


Congratulations on reaching your 500 HP goal! It's amazing that you did it in just 4 months! It's great to see that you had help from these two gentlemen, @josediscuss and @starstrings01!
You were lucky to have that support and keep on building!

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Understanding The Dynamics Of Engagement & Interaction; Selling The "Rewards" Illusion by @josediccus


You are completely right about the focus as you have explained in your Twitter example people are "hypnotized" by the reward (or money)... But, in my opinion, the focus on MONEY (product) can be the long term, but the results of that are almost always short-termed...
HIVE is a different beast and the only valid long-term focus that will bring you results in the long term is focus on PEOPLE, engagement, creating new relationships, etc...

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How do Airdrop cards influence Chaos Legion? by @mvl2304


Thanks a lot for this concise analysis of the first airdropped cards!

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Thanks for the inclusion and curation it was totally great to write this one.

You are welcome! Keep on your motivational and educational work on HIVE! Very much appreciated!

Some good ones here thanks

Thanks for checking out on them!!!