Our Pick - Reading Suggestions for March 16th

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Changed my keys today by @hannes-stoffel


A really important guide and changing your keys regularly makes sense.

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When THORChain lists Monero... by @forexbrokr


It's amazing how everyone is ignoring privacy coins and development on those blockchains... I was following up lately DERO and it's incredible how much potential is in the privacy smart contracts sphere! Sorry for going off-topic, but the whole privacy coin narrative and development will come to the surface, sooner or later... It is too good to be ignored and I share the same opinion as you... It's not a question of IF, it's only the question of WHEN...

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Visiting neighborhood stands [ENG/ES] by @jordy0827


This square looks like a small market where you have a bit of everything! It's a great meeting place to spend time with friends...
Thanks for sharing!

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Conscript & Bloodlust - Lets Upgrade the Gladiator Cards by @guurry123


Bloodlust is so powerful and I really like to use it in normal battles. Unfortunately my summoners are not yet developped enough to play them in diamond league. But I'm looking forward to it :-). Nice post!

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