Our Pick - Reading Suggestions for May 12th

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EcoTrain QOTW: What should we be eating to be healthy and vibrant? And is there a choice? by @misslasvegas


I like how you connected all those stereotypes and things that people KNEW about anything actually... As you said, butter is wrong, margarine is great... People have no idea about MOST of the things... lol... It sounds harsh, but it's my opinion... My wife's grandmother had 98 years and she ate bacon, sausages, and a gazillion of fats every single day...
Anyways, I digress... Great post and I suppose that we should leave our bodies to choose what to eat... The best of all should be the food that we grow! Let us put that in the focus!

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What can Hive learn from Terra? More like what can crypto learn from Hive? by @forexbrokr


Regarding LUNA and UST, I don't want to point fingers or such, as it could easily happen to HBD or any other stablecoin out there... From my point of view, the growth of the complete LUNA ecosystem was too fast, especially for a "new" stablecoin on the markets...
Also, as you said, we have seen these kinds of stuff many times in the past, projects and tokens need tweaking, and that's the normal way of evolution... That's how things get better... It hurts now, but it can be only better!

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Less DEC (Dark Crystal Energy) In Rank Battles by @hive-world


Actually the game algorithm defines how much DEC we recieve according to the price of the token. The higher the token value of DEC, the more DEC is distributed. As prices for DEC are going down at the moment, the supply is reduced as well and we all recieve less rewards.

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Blooming cactus - recovering Lobivia Wrightiana by @ewkaw


Cacti controllers do exist! And they are not always just humans... sometimes those controllers are cats. If you don't believe check this out!

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Reading today about blooming cactus by @ewkaw, just yesterday morning, I bought a small but cute cactus for my granddaughter, she wants to start collecting them. As they said in the store, there is no certainty that it will bloom in room conditions, but. I will hope so. You have to catch flies and make them dance around the cactus to encourage it to bloom lol.

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The seller might be right. Cacti needs colder winter to bloom in spring. Room conditions usually are too warm especially if there is heating on during winter. Some types might still bloom, but most will not.
What cactus did you get?

The name of the cactus was not specified, but it is very similar to Mammillaria magnimamma from your collection.

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Can you take a quick picture?

If your granddaughter as a colder place in a house where she can move the cactus for the winter, there is a chance it will bloom. Around 5-10 degrees would be good. It doesn't have to be very bright, it will not grow then anyway. Just keep it dry when it is so cold.

She can also read up on winter rest for cacti -> https://www.cactus-art.biz/note-book/Dictionary/Dictionary_W/dictionary_winter_rest.htm

I remembered that we photographed a cactus in a store, here is a photo


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Oh cool!
It looks like a young echinocactus grusonii. They grow really big! :) She can split them and plant in separate pots so they have more room.
But I am not 100% sure. They can look similar when they are young.

In many cacti, I see similar features, it is difficult to determine exactly its species. Are you saying it might be huge? It looks like a joke when dad gave his son a hamster, and a hippopotamus grew out of it). I hope he grows slower than my granddaughter)

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They can look similar when they are young. Some of them anyway.
When they grow older they will have distinctive features. Cactus geeks can recognize them much faster than me though.
It also helps to see the flowers as they will be different and grow from different place on the cactus.

Yes, it can grow big, but it grows very slow. Google it :) It is a nice one.

Thank you very much, as they say, time will tell, and now I know who to contact for advice)

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Thank you so much for the advice, we’ll do it, but the granddaughter has already left with the cactus, but I’ll ask you to take a picture. I'll save the link.

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Hahah yeaaa cat controllers are real :D
Thanks for the feature!

You are welcome! Awesome photos as usual!