Our Pick - Reading Suggestions for May 23rd

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Who are you by @stdd


Great post, my friend! I like your way of thinking and agree 100% with everything said... Yes, we are in the minority, but we shouldn't forget that people in the minority changed the world in the past... The biggest discoveries and innovations always began from or an individual, or a small team...

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Solve The Riddle & Win a $1 Up-vote [#TTT Week 21] - "SO Easy" by @whywhy


Is the connection change? Everything is constantly changing? I love the song by Staind the most.

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Fineas Rage with Reach. by @naeemulnepun


What I like about this card is the reach ability and also its speed. At higher levels I often try to use a line up which has a lot of speed with this splinter and I often use Fineas.

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Debt vs Work, why bitcoin is better than all fiat currencies and effectively more valuable by @badbitch


Reading your post, I have tried really hard to find the "value" in fiat and the only thing that I get is...
In the past, fiat currency was backed by gold... later on they "changed" that to backing by work/economy... after that, it became backed by debt... and nowadays, I would say that fiat is backed by fear...
Nice evolution? lol... We don't need any shit from traditional finance on crypto... Crypto is 100x better than any other shit and we should build on it from scratch...

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