Our Pick - Reading Suggestions for November 21st

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Pollination of passion fruit Passiflora edulis by @ludmila.kyriakou


Wow! I saw a lot of Passiflora plants on my daily walks, but I didn't pay attention to its fruit! It is one of my favorite flowers as it is so beautiful and looks almost made of plastic... Anyways, next time, I will try to pay more attention to its fruit...
Thanks for sharing the procedure and how it is done!

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I know that Pula is a beautiful old town, but I suppose that not all the people can live in that part of the city... Every "emblematic" city has its suburban part like the one that you have presented...
Thanks for sharing!

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TX: Bankruptcy Pays by @melbourneswest


The thing that annoys me the most regarding the FTX collapse is that MSM is trying to blame crypto for this event too! This is obviously bad management as you have pointed out and it could happen in any other "niche", but unfortunately, it happened to a "crypto-based" company... Regulations are probably needed, especially for centralized entities as decentralized exchanges and projects are almost always audited and checked by many firms and individuals... And they are transparent and not hiding behind dozens of companies...

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New Strategy Discovered With Scavo Hireling | Water Splinters by @shiekhnouman


The repair ability is often overlooked in Splinterlands. It can be a game changer in certain situations. I have developed Merdali Guardian to level 5 and there it comes also with the repair ability. It gives you a pretty big advantage combining healing and repair. Nice post!

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Great work guys!

Thanks for the support! Appreciated!