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Hello friend ! How are you all ? I hope you all are doing well and having good time with your family and friends.I get up at four in the morning .I performed abultion ,prayed and recited. And then I fell asleep again.After that I got up at eleven o'clock and made breakfast for the whole family . Then I finished and cleaned . After cleaning ,I wash the clothes. After this I used mobile and watched Pakistani dramas and also watched videos on snak videos. After this its time to pray so I get up and went to the bathroom for absolution to pary and then I prayed zhr prayers. After praying I did my lunch. And after eating my khala called me and said that ,then my khala called me to go shopping . Then we went to for the shopping with my khala and cousins. After this we went different shopping malls and then my cousin bought clothes for her.


After that we went I came back home and then I went to the washroom and washed my face and hands after this I went to the kitchen and made tea for my self and then I took my tea. After this I put all the cups in the kitchen and then my sister washed the cups. After this I performed absolution to pray and then I prayed isha prayers. After praying I went to the kitchen and washed dishes with my sister and then I washed the kitchen. After this I made biryani and then I spread dasterkhwan and put briyani on it and then everyone did there dinner.


After eating I washed all the dished and then I used my mobile and after that I wrote my diray and now I am going to sleep

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Pakistanis are always talking about briyani😂😂
I hope I get to eat it one of these days. Chicken biryani is the one I've heard of the most.

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Awww thank you very much for the upvote,i appreciate it..

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