To spend the sallah with friends

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So today it is the celebration for the muslim and it is an opportunity for me to rest at home since i am not going to work today....

The weather is cool here and i am loving it,i woke up this morning and i took bread and tea then after i watched some movie on netflix while having a good rest...

Later today i will be going to see my muslim friends and celebrate with them and eat alot of foods...i am a foodie so i love to eat alot of

But before i go there i decided to go to the swimming pool around my environment,i usually go there during weeknds but since today is public holiday then i decided to visit there and engage in some swimming activities....


After leaving here i will go home to change my clothes and dress up so that i can go and meet my friends and celebrate with them...

I will also be surfing this platform while i am celebrating the sallah with them..

You all should have a wonderful day....

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That is good, at least today is public holiday and it good to celebrate with other because the December you too will celebrate Christmas and new so they will also come to celebrate with you.

But you said you love foodies, I will advice to eat little, don't eat too much of food so you won't hurt yourself or end up vomiting and pool at the same time (diarrhoea)

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