R.E.S.P.E.C.T. Find Out What It Means To Me

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Hello everyone and welcome back to another Pure Logic Podcast! This is the 10th podcast so I figured I would talk about a subject that I have been strugging with humanity with lately.

That is RESPECT!

So come along for the rambling ride and find out what having respect for yourself and others means to me! It may mean something different for you, but being my old southern self, I was raised to have respect for all because I want to have people treat me with respect in return!

Be Cool, Be Real, and always Abide!

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@thelogicaldude - self-respect is at the core of a stand up person, but what is much more defining is how you treat others. I was born and raised in the ghettos of Brooklyn, New York and earning respect is key to survival and it didn't need to be of a physical nature - at all times, but never believing you are better than anyone else. Respecting individuals, their beliefs, etc. Keep bringing the logic, dude.


Thanks for watching or listening!

@thelogicaldude 🙏🏼


As they say, it is what it is. Great vlog.

Random thoughts I had while watching the video..

starting with the opening where you brought up owning your data on the hive Blockchain, and shortly after mentioning privacy. And I kept thinking that there is nothing stopping someone ripping all the hive content and tossing it on their own medium skin.

Along with how there is no inherit privacy on the Blockchain... Where every action is public, it's hard to hold some tidbit as "sacred and private",... Always got a kick out of that privacy idea. The only thing that's truly private is the things we keep in our head. LoL. I'm definitely not one of those "oh, take my privacy I got nothing to hide" nor am I one of those "I don't even use my social cuz the govt tracks that".. but I do value my privacy. Idk, it's a weird world we live in.

And agreed, it's hard to maintain boundaries and respect with family members who have crossed some metaphorical lines we drew in the sand or flat out did us wrong... Always awkward turtle. I just give everyone the benefit of the doubt and reflect on their upbringing, environment and culture they came to with. Because wholly fuck is there a lot of different folks and strokes. LoL.

I do tone down my own opinion in some situations... Hard to go into someone else's house and spout opinion because "that's who I am".... Makes for difficult situations and not much needed stress.. I'm not a full chameleon,.. but I do wear a few skinsuits. Oh, and I always ask for the discount and barter with those you wouldnt thing would... Like the Walmart / Target / staples manager. LoL. You never get what you don't ask for. And that includes information... I'm always trying to help others, and sometimes that ho don't want help.

As Daphne said, ‘I don’t need you to understand me. I just need you to believe that I’m having a human experience.’

I am very much the same. I blend, lol or really just flow with the current. But when people blatantly disrespect, yeah, that person takes my dudeness for weakness... Never take my dudeness for weakness, lol.

But yeah I get you in the privacy topic. But I can say that the blockchain helps to protect your IP you post because of time stamps and such. So if someone were to rip it, you could still prove your publish date and such.

Really what is truly private anymore than your inner thoughts, and then sometimes those have to come out. At least I know my dog won't tell. But blockchain and web 3 are our best chance at least in owning our own data and rights, etc.

And then again there are encrypted memos, lol. And if you want to go all out, just move it all to Monero and let it sit and not work for you... Monero is the escape hatch, lol.


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When we all respect everyone and everything, we don't need to have centralised rules, regulations and whatnot anymore! Since we are still in centralised organised societies, I would've thought the first law would be about respect. The second one as well, down to the 100k one :) I simply wish we all would/will think of this word 'respect' before anything else. Unfortunately, many do not, or not to the right levels. The only thing we can do is to get peeps aware and slowly convert them. Great message and sooooo logical! :)