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Hello everyone! It's been a busy couple of months here in HiveLIST land and we are finally getting up to date with the LIST Staking Club updates!

If you don't know what the LIST Staking Club is, well it's where you stake at least 1000 LIST tokens in your Hive Engine wallet which not only helps strenthen the network, earns you more LIST tokens, earns COM tokens, but it also get you a discount on the as well as the So we give value to our stakeholders in many ways!

Those in the club have a personalized discount code that we audit once a month. So if you increase your stake and move up the tiers, you will get a new code! But on the flip side, if you unstake your LIST tokens and move down the tiers, you will get a downgraded code, and if you go below 1000 LIST staked, you lose your code completely.

We have a whole other update post to do, but we wanted to create a separate post for the LIST club so we can announce our new members and celebrate those who are moving up the list!

You Got an Encrypted Message from @hivelist?

Did you get a weird encrypted message transaction from @hivelist? If you see this in your Hive wallet, you will need to go and open your transaction history in Hive Keychain, or sign into your wallet with your MEMO key to view this message which contains your personal coupon code. We send these encrypted messages to protect your code from others.

Screen Shot 20211004 at 1.02.24 PM.png

New Members! Welcome Aboard!

We want to start by welcoming the newest members of the LIST Staking Club! Glad to have you guys apart of the biggest ecommerce platform on the blockchain!

@master-lamps -5%
@chobro -5%
@pablodare -5%
@zeruxanime -5%
@lebah -5%
@digital.tinkerer -5%
@mk992039 -5%
@small1axe -5%

Again, check your Hive wallet for the encrypted transaction and open the transaction in your Hive Keychain wallet!

Updated Members

These members are moving up the tiers to the next levels! They are staking more LIST, earning more LIST and COM tokens, and they get a bigger discount on the store!

@bryan-imhoff -15%
@ddrfr33k -15%
@thatcryptodave -15%
@stickupboys -15% - Hivelist Store Vendor
@alokkumar121 -15%
@matheusggr -15%
@billybohner -10%
@dera123 -5%

Congrats to these members for moving up the chain!

The LIST Staking Club Members

This is the full list of the LIST Staking Club which are members that stake over 1000 LIST tokens! This list excludes this account as well as the founder, @thelogicaldude, account. This list also excludes the new members, but they will move to this list next month!




I was really confused by that encrypted memo. Now it all makes sense!

I was in the middle of writing this post when you hit me up on discord, lol. I knew it would all make sense soon, lol

Oh that is great. Hi all. 😎

Absolutely phenomenal work and I can't wait to see even more from you and this commerce extension of our website.

Sending you all the best for your continued success. Me and my puppy dog both have a feeling that you are dedication will be helping to usher in the new era of commerce in here.

Thanks sir! Appreciate your continued support!

Of course!

Git U Sum!!

I absolutely definitely agree with this one. Some phenomenally top-notch work.

And this is just the beginning as well so we have quite a bit more to grow.

Great it's look like you guys are starting to improve Hive list


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