Midweek Talk : Heavy Rains In The Metro | IAAC Year 2

Video was taken during the first hour of my work day earlier. Times like these I'm glad I work from home. Thankfully, my daughter works close to home. Plus, our area doesn't usually get flooded.

Morning time looked like after work time. 😯😯 the year has been extreme so far. Too hot during the summer, now the rainy season has just begun. 🌧🌧

Crypto market was down over the weekend. I'm waiting for better news as I do use it for monthly expenses. Yup, it's that time of the month when I prepare for next month's bills. I like being ahead most times. I do believe most mishaps can be prevented with advanced planning.

Thankful for yummy lunch today. That creamy garlic sauce was perfect with the chicken fillet. Tonight it will be tuna wrap. 😋😋

My tomato plant died -- dried up. But I did get to harvest these. Whew! 🍅🍅 cute tiny tomatoes to be replanted for a new batch. And life goes on... One day at a time...

Happy midweek!

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Very good miss

nice! 👍🏼👍🏼


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