The Use of Hashtags | Alive Video Masters Series

Hello and welcome to Team Alive. You can also join us on I'm continuing on this Alive Video Masters series
to assist new and upcoming members taking part in the #iamalivechallenge. Shoutout
to @flaxz, founder and organizer of @wearealive tribe on Hive.

On this video I talked about the use of hashtags (HTs) and explained their importance. We encourage the use of #ALIVE for the We Are Alive tribe and for posts related to the #iamalivechallenge.

Using proper hashtags is important for your posts to be seen by relevant groups. Do take note of community guidelines in using HTs. Certain tribes or communities are rather strict in their use of their hashtags. One good reason is that some of these HTs are tokenized. This means you could earn hive-engine tokens for them.

Be mindful of your HTs and start creating your video today. Remember to have fun while creating content.

One day at a time...

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