A Cat Comes Home| IAAC 353rd

Another Sunday came to an end. Earlier in the evening, I learned that the status of the lockdown was slightly lessened. Still, it doesn't mean we're free to roam anywhere. Curfew has been revised to 8pm till 5am. This will last till end of April. What a moo!

Due to tightened security, my cleaning crew wasn't able to make it earlier today. We rescheduled it to next Sunday. I hope all will be better and less restrictive by then. 🤞🏼🤞🏼 I've scheduled a once a month general cleaning maintenance so that clutter and dirt won't pile up too much. I only have so much time and energy left for cleaning up each day and each rest day.

Tonight Inni d'cat came home from out of nowhere. He still looked the same, except thinner. He seemed to have lost his collar too. We're not pleased that he didn't seem to have been well taken care of by whoever kept him away for over a year. We do wish he'd stay this time around, but as @viking-ventures would say, "Cats will do what cats will do." We could only hope Inni stays for good. 🙄🙄

A throwback photo of Inni d'cat ❤

All righty, have a fantastic week! I could only hope for the best from hereon.

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hello dear friend @iamraincrystal good night
I am very sorry that you had to reschedule the cleaning for next week, What a joy that Inni d'cat has returned, they are animals with a lot of personality, they know what they want
I take this opportunity to wish you a prosperous week

May we all be prosperous in all areas of our lives 😉👍🏼

So far so good. May our cat Inni stays home for good. It's a bit tricky though with cat dynamics as the little ones do not know him anymore. We need to look out for conflicts.


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