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RE: BTC TA 3/25/21 - Zoom Out and Chill Out

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Excelente analisis.
Ademas de todo tienes divergencia entre el precio y el MACD y tienes espacio de recorrido para el MFI, lo que probablemente sea el inicio de una tendencia bajista. Un buen objetivo seria la MA de 100 periodos, la cual coincide con el nivel del ultimo minimo.

Excellent analysis.
Besides all, you have a divergence between the price and the MACD and you have room to travel for the MFI, which is probably the beginning of a downtrend. A good target would be the 100-period MA, which coincides with the level of the last low.

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Oh I see it, there is the possibility, but seems like the support is still standing as of now, so trying to stay hopeful, but if it falls... Guess we will keep buying, lol.

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