Making The Most Of Hive and Hive Tokens

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I've been doing this for a long time now and figured an article about how to maximize your earnings here on hive was in order. This article will group together some of the most popular niches and how to maximize your earnings and exposure on Hive and tribes/tokens within Hive.

I've done my best to include all projects that I know of but if there are others please let me know in the comments so I can review and update this post.


Many years ago there was once a single article/blog platform called HIVE. This Proof of Brain concept was unique from any other blockchain offering rewards for value in posting articles as well as posting comments of value.

The one issue with this however was that everything got lump summed into a single platform and it was hard to make heads or tails of what was going on. Some articles you simply wouldn't have interest in while others you did where hard to find.

And thus TRIBES and Tokens of HIVE were born. This unique ability allowed for new platforms to spring up offering niche categories such as Finance, Onboarding new users, DIY projects, Music, TV & Movies and so much more!

Now you could go to each site that offers topics that are interest to you and connect with a like minded community providing valuable comments and articles yourself. In exchange earning some of those tribes tokens as well as some HIVE on top of it.

Below I split up categories I know of or the community has helped me become aware of to help you find your way around and earn tokens in those communities that are of interest to you.


Site Name+Link - Tag - Some Notes

General ALL

ProofofBrain - proofofbrain - Interesting project that takes the proof of brain blockchain to a new level. Think of it as getting in early on HIVE. Also includes a reduction in rewards every 4 years.

Palnet - palnet - Reduced rewards since the it's moved to a prediction platform but you can still post to their front end with this tag and earn some rewards.

Aeneas - ash - General front end with rewards

Archon - archon - General front end with rewards

NeoxianCity - Neoxian - General front end with a high token supply

BroadHive - broadhive - I believe this is a general platform it's one of the newer ones and I believe they will be implementing POS (Proof Of Stake) on their token.

Bilpcoin - bpc - General with front end


LeoFinance - leofinance - High token value and my primary besides Hive. Launched a DeFi project called


Battle - No site but can be used to get Battle tokens. I believe they drop random NFTs to those using the tag and holding Battle tokens on hive.

SPT - Play Splinterlands This would be the tag to use for playing articles about the game.


Click Track Profit - CTP - Primary focus is on business building be it books, affiliate, finances etc. Great community of people.


SportsTalkSocial - sports - If you're into sports or anything athletic than this is the community for you!


WeedCashNetwork - weed - So yeah everything weed 420 lol

Do It Yourself (DIY)

build-it - No front end anymore that I can find. Still can use the tag to earn tokens.


Music4Life - vibes - All kinds of music


Creative Coin - creativecoin - Anything creative! Music, inventions, date ideas, art be creative with it!


StemGeeks - stem - Used for blockchain, math and science


There are a number of others but they either don't fit into what I've been doing or I don't have enough information about them.

HIVE Games

Figured I would include this part where we would could go over all the games on Hive. There are actually a number of others launching soon that will be tied into WAX one of the biggest gaming blockchain markets. I believe these will start drawing some attention as to what Hive is and get people interacting with each other via Tokens on the hive blockchain.

Splinterlands Card based game that is quickly expanding into NFTs and other cool aspects. Count on this one being a winner for a long time.

Rising Star Music themed game which is starting to expand with some cool unique features. Also feel free to use the Vibes tag when posting about this game.

CryptoBrewMaster Personally I find this game difficult to make a profit in and it takes a bit to learn it so be sure to read up on it a bit as to what you need to do.

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Thanks for compiling all this info in one post. Helpful. !BBH

We have come a long way. It seems so odd to think there was only one token to be earned, HIVE.

Now there are so many options it is impossible to keep up with.

It was a wild two years or so.

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Highly enjoy the splitting up on content and creating "tribes" that's rewarding and engaging for those on related topics they find interesting. It's one of the most powerful community building aspects now of hive.

With gaming, communities, tribes and Defi the increasing expansion will continue to drive new people to the platform. Most wont even realize they are earing hive at first!

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Most wont even realize they are earing hive at first!

Something I have stated for years.

When people are brought in via an application, that will be their focus. They might move on afterwards but for the immediate activity, they will be tribe (or whatever else) focused. It will be a reversal: the tribe token will the focus and Hive the Oh by the way I got some Hive too.

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The Hive will be the bonus money... that changed quickly! Lol.

It was only a year ago everyone was tagging palnet to try and get some bonus money.

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The HIVE blockchain have opened up opportunities for people to be able to earn cool cash Via their contents....

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Cool stuff @bitcoinflood.
There's just one problem with this stuff, and I don't know if I'm the only one facing it. What happens is when you log on to any of these tribes and you make your posts, someone visiting your Hive blog would not see these posts until they click on 'posts'. A lot of people forget to click on posts, they just come to your wall and they don't see any of the posts you made using those tribes. It's quite painful because it becomes like your post is hidden. You get what I'm saying?

I totally understand, and have seen the same issue. Therefor I sometimes reboot the post that are posted in communities (or tribes). Not sure if it is a good thing to do or not...

How do you reboot it, pls?

Good question! Damn spellchecker! I meant reblog:-)

Hahahaha. Wow. How come I never thought of that. Reblogging is a great idea. Seems I also never knew you could reblog your own post, not legality, I never knew it was possible.

Indeed, I only discovered it by accident... not sure if it “legal” or “ethical” though...

I don't see anything wrong with it. I'm confident it is ethical and legal.😀👍
Thank you.

When writing the post there's also an option to automatically reblog when you publish. At lease I have that option when using peakd.

That's cool too. I think my main reason for not really posting in communities have been resolved now!

Totally get it. I'm beginning to stray away from my personal blog to post elsewhere, now, too, since the communities are starting to thrive and bustle.

You missed the most important in gaming.
The Dark Energy Crystals (DEC).
You earn some of that after every battle you won in Steem Monsters/Splinterlands.

Well yeah but you can't use it as a tag to earn it which is what this post was all about.
Otherwise I'd includes starbits, starpro etc.

Just the one which I do not know
thank you for the informative post

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Welcome! I do my best to keep up with them all 🤣

Thanks, your post is quite helpful to the endeavours on Hive. Regards.

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welcome happy to help any time

Battle is suppose to be for NFTs and block chain gaming. If I remember correctly, they only drop the NFTs to the top X token stakers.

For the games, I see DCity missing but I guess it might also be considered an investment instead.

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Yeah Battle I'm still trying to figure out. It does seem like its only the few top holders that get the NFTs but I'm curious if they will be building on this more to be more inclusive.

I left Dcity out for now simply because you have to pay crypto in order to get started in it otherwise the rest are free to get started.

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I think Splinterlands also requires a spellbook if you want to earn crypto. And I think cryptobrew master changed their system to require passports for some features so it also requires some investments. Thus I was confused when you left DCity out.

As for Battle, I don't know but I haven't really heard anything about it.

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Amazing , this shows the potential of Hive and communities . With just one post , we are able to earn so many different tokens .

POB is making some sound :) Which is good .

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At some point I'm going to need more tag room for all the general communities!

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Excellent quick breakdown thank you very much for sharing.

I am definitely excited in stock filing as much cryptocurrencies I possibly can

Nice run down of what's out there! Do you know what's happening with the Creative Coin project? I have some tokens but stopped using the tag as I didn't know if it was still being developed

Great list!

Thanks for this comprehensive summary! As a rather new user I found it really helpful!

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It is really fascinating to earn all these tokens these days hehe..
I remember when we only earned Hive back then, Hive has really grown.

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Nice compilation!
I didn't know there was a front-end for music! I'll check it out thanks to you!

I'm also liking PoB that I found recently.

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My wallet is full of these tokens, which I don't plan to sell at all, because I know they will have a big boost in a few years, and my portfolio will go from being worth $140 to being worth millions, so who knows, what these tokens may be worth.

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I have a friend wich i add to Hive called @growthacker is a former coca cola employe in the marketing area. We talk a lot about hive (i mean a lot) he is doing his first steps but he have some ideas and strategies to make hive growth exponential. He point me one of the problem hive have´s is a missbranding issue, all those mentioned apps didnt mention hive platform at all, and that generates confusion and also weak the brand name (he can explain it better)

But we are all in in hive and looking for new ways to empower this platform!

Also, following the topic of the post i think that other platforms must be listed somewhere to have an index of all active projects (i was thinking on a DappRadar format to do so (and also track the growth and cash flow in a ranking)

I honestly think the tokens will hold more value than Hive. Hive has zero fees so there's no reason to really no reason for it to go up unless you're wanting to vote on proposals. Which honestly theres a few people that hold the most stake so whatever they say goes. or you just want to earn some hive rewards.

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Thank you!

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Because this is such an awesome post, here is a BBH Tip for you. . Keep up the fantastic work

Tribes has really made the blockchain rewards system more accessible to everyone. It has brought back a bit more enthusiasm to the blockchain (at least for me). Without LEO and POB, I wouldn't have that much incentive to write.

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That’s a great and very useful list! But I was wondering, is there some kind of photography Tribe around?

Your information is very good, at this moment I am dedicated to musicforlife, I think a new tribe came out, I think it's called Cine TV, it would be good for you to investigate it, a greeting