Remove Emotion and It Starts Making Sense

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I've noticed a trend as of late in the crypto world even here on LeoFinance and Hive itself. When prices fall people seem to get highly unmotivated and stop posting as much and engaging. It's kind of disappointing and I get it. Prices fall and you think booooooooo

But this is EXACTLY the time when you should be going 200x and really going full throttle. These low points are when crypto is inexpensive. Engagement falls so you actually get more exposure from those dedicated to the platform and so on.


When it comes to finances our emotions are our biggest enemy.

When hype is high and prices are soaring everyone tries to jump in and go full force. We saw this over the last 3-4 months here on Hive and LeoFinance. Now that prices are down to $0.50 (very rough estimate) the hype has worn off and it seems like a lot of people moved to other areas. Money does talk.

Hype makes us do crazy things such as buying tons of crypto at high prices speculating it's going to keep going up and up. It's honestly at that point when you should be stepping back and checking yourself. When you start giddy and thinking to yourself this is too good to be true. Well you better listen up and stop buying and jump ship making your profits or simply HODL (#HODLGANG right here lol) and ride out the small amount of hype that's left and then the big sell off.

The big sell off comes and everyone gets all sad and depressed like booo this is shit now.
Well that's why you BUY!

Right now I feel like we are in the start of that sad gloomy phase. I'm here to tell you that's what it's time to buckle down and write high quality articles, engage with others and continue to curate. A few months from now what prices are 10x you'll be thanking yourself and stop wondering wow that other person is so lucky look at how much they have now. Well it's because they put in the work and effect even when the hype was gone because they believe in the project and understand that eventually it will come back.

Anyways today was kind of a rant and wake up call to people to continue to take action and this is what separates the rich from the poor. You do the opposite of the masses.


The best advice you will ever get in life and don't just read this. ACT ON IT!


You see LeoFinance gets this, their leaders get this. Even what markets were low and Leo was worth $0.05 a token and Hive was $0.14 they still put in the work, time and efforts. Once the markets took off they where in a rather good position and launched a DeFi project with other projects in the works.

Leave me a thought out comment about how you are going to contribute to grow Hive and Leo. Let's see who those action takers are and will change their ways.

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For now I plan to continue my commenting spree. I think I am doing 100+ comments a day just on the LeoFinance front-end but I may decrease that a little bit over time. However I still think the number of comments I put in will be bigger than the average user.

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He's not lying, this guy's comment pop up everywhere! Completely drained my RC, so what I'll be doing is working to power up as much hive as I can and then make an effort to comment consistently. As of now gotta take it easy a bit to not go below 1% again :-/

Go get a delegation at for 7 days. If you still need a delegation after that you can always reapply or get an extension. I suggest you save your HP until you have enough for yourself before delegating it out (probably 100 would be enough for you).

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Yeah, tried that but apparently I was at the renewal page instead of the main. Still no luck:


Seems like everyone and their mom is doing it :-p

Anyway I'll stack some more HP myself and won't delegate anymore till I'm on a comfortable level. Still figuring out how to manage RC and voting mana/weight for instance, any good guides/articles you know of?

Initially I thought delegating was only about voting power not so much the RC, so I though putting out delegations for a good return and supporting projects was a no brainer, guess I'll hold off for now (at least with HP).

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Please go to their discord. They can manually give you some if you need it.

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No need, managed to get through, together with some power up of my own I'm back at half RC again, should last till I manage to power up some more. Thanks for the tip :-)

Its not just Hive, look at Doge coin lol.

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As soon as Doge went to $0.05 it was overpriced lol

The Network Effect in full force.

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Yeah people's thinking is all backwards.

It is the old buy where there is blood in the street in markets. That is the time most are selling.

So it is no different that people allow their emotions to get the best of them here also. It is sad that things slow down but that is how it goes.

We have witnessed it for 4 years so it is not likely to change.

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The good old 95%/5% rule in marketing 5% will take action while 95% will give up, move on to the next thing or just keep chasing riches and wonder why they can't get ahead. Was hoping I could bring awareness to it because I use to be that person chasing the next big thing till 7 years ago and BAM just like that everything changed. Even if it changes one persons mind totally worth!

I've been trying to promote engagement and spread votes as well as I can. I think we're gonna need everyone on board if we want to grow Hive and Leo.

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Every bit helps, everyone should be curating and engaging as much as possible with quality.

When it comes to finances our emotions are our biggest enemy.

Definitely can be one of the biggest barriers to success.

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well, i have been here through the good and bad times and I can tell everyone for free that we are not anything close to the bad times and they will come. we should not be afraid of the dark times, they are meant for building. if you haven't experienced what a bull run feels like, well, you had the past few months to learn a thing or two. things can change really quickly.

well, I keep doing what I know how to do best, create content and engage with my fellow community members.

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Those who see it through the bad times will reap the rewards in the good times

@bitcoinflood the best crypto traders are the traders who are able to trade independently without emotions....

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Leofinanance more big plateform for more money

What does that even mean?

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agreed so much! one should count not the dollar value of tokens, but the amount in (or pieces of) tokens!

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