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RE: Augur Turbo | The Future Model Of The Sports Betting Industry ?

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I had almost given up on Augur and forgot about it completely after it promised so much back in 2017.

You may have just convinced me to have a good look at what they're up to. Thanks @costanza


This new Augur Turbo project is like a nail in the coffin for the REP token since it has no use case there whatsoever since it is using Chainlink for oracles. I really believe that a model like this with liquidity pools and an AMM where anyone can apply capital acting as a bookie in an automated way to get yield will be the model that works. Augur Turbo is far from a finished product though and I would say unusable in its current state as a liquidity provider.

For now, I will just keep watching out for someone to provide liquidity with odds that make no sense to take advantage of it hoping the devs will come to their senses fixing some of the obvious flaws that currently are present.