The Crypto Age: What A Time To Be Alive

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As of today, the 4th day of the month of May 2021, taking into account every single crypto asset I have to my name, my calculation is bringing the sum total to around $50 and this consists of all the $1 bits and pieces I have littered (not intentional because I would have gotten them out too) in the many wallets I have used, that is to say currently, in terms of the stake held and owned in the crypto industry, I am worth as much as about the random guy in my street who knows zilch about Crypto, even though I bought my first Bitcoin in 2016 - I know, don't look at me like that.

I actually bought my first Bitcoin so I could stake it on an online Ponzi, I didn't care about Bitcoin then, I didn't know what it was, I didn't know the potential it had, only that you cant participate in the Ponzi with Fiat but with Bitcoin, because it was an international Ponzi platform and there needed to be a common, unifying currency. So Bitcoin was merely a means to an end to my lovely Ponzi, and the tiny reward I realized.

The highest bulk stash I have ever owned in Crypto was a mere $300 and it was thanks to an airdrop, the rest have been $30 here and $50 there.
But even with my relatively little success in crypto which I would say boils down to lack of focus, and inconsistency of interest, I always get butterflies in my stomach thinking and talking about Crypto. It usually feels like telling a story of how you met the love of your life, how you nearly lost her but the universe brought her back in your arms.
I feel this way because now I have truly understood the potential, now I have marinated in the crypto revolution, I am part of something really big, something that has changed millions of lives all over the world and the way they live and earn.
Whenever I find myself in the midst of people and I am one of two who know what the hell cryptocurrency is, I feel like a billion-dollar. It's like having valuable inside information on how best to get rich, stay rich, and stay informed about the latest technological innovations without breaking a sweat, while you watch those around you, who aren't fortunate and privileged enough scamper about to make ends meet and keep up in a new technologically powered world.

I mean it can be painful to watch, but what can I do? I cant set out on a massive crypto sensitization mission to cure the world of its crypto ignorance, I'd rather wait for those around me to catch the curiosity and come to me.

The internet came out and made so many manually executed jobs obsolete, social media brought news closer to the people on a real-time basis and made the traditional news houses old and outdated, crypto is revolutionizing the banking system worldwide and we have the front row seats with popcorns in our hands.

Now, it is not enough to just know these things, to just be aware and know the basics (although it is better than not knowing at all), adopting and utilizing the new system is important too, knowing how the system works and also making the system work for you.
People are...

  1. blogging/vlogging and earning crypto
  2. Staking and earning crypto
  3. Trading and earning crypto
  4. Investing in Icos and projects at their infancy and earning.
  5. Developing their own crypto Projects that solve real-life problems
  6. Bypassing the traditional banking system and moving large funds around the globe within seconds.
  7. Executing business deals in crypto through online escrows
  8. Breaking away from the rat race of 9-5 jobs with crypto
  9. Building generational wealth by doing all the above and more.

I am happy, I am honored and I feel privileged that even though I can't boast of a significant stash yet, even for an early bed like myself, I am in it, I know what I know and if I keep improving and playing my part and I know I have a chance to finally have that sought after financial freedom, build generational wealth, live and enjoy life to the fullest while being part of the early adopters of "It came and changed the way we do things forever" crypto!

What a time to be alive!

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