Advantages of Having Trees in Your Garden

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Here at carbonZERO, we are just some nerdy hippies that are on mission is to help create a better, greener plant for us all, one block at a time! That is why we donate 20% of our commissions from our Cosmos ecosystem validator nodes to causes like Ecologi.

If you are a $JUNO or $EVMOS holder, you can delegate to us and auto compound using our Restake app and help us build a bigger monthly donation fund via blockchain validation!

But we want to do more than just donate our earnings, we also want to help educate people about the power that crypto can have on the environment if everyone were to do just a little bit to help. That can be just as easy as starting in your own home garden!

Saving The World Starts At Home

Some home gardeners are afraid of planting trees in their garden because they think they will grow out of control. But, trees can be good for your garden. Now we are not talking about planing trees that will become huge forest monsters or anything. You need to plant smaller trees that are native to your area and keep them pruned. This can give allot of benefits to the local ecology but they can also add a really nice look to your home.

So let's talk about some of the main ecological advantages of having trees in your garden as well as some other good reasons.

Eight Advantages To Plant Small Trees At Home

Improve Air Quality

Trees help reduce air pollution, absorb carbon dioxide, and help cool places that are too hot due to trapped gases in urban areas. You can basically use small trees in your garden to change the climate and improve the air quality around your home and overall on a substantial level. Not to mention, they produce oxygen, which we need to breath.

Reduce Rain Runoff

Small trees in your garden will help absorb rainwater so that it keeps your garden from getting too wet and flooding. The leaves collect, stop, and slow the rain down, preventing soil erosion during bad weather cycles. This is not only a great benefit for your garden, but the trees can be that first line of defense to protect your home from flooding.

Moderate Extreme Sun

If you live in a very hot area where the sun is very strong and there isn’t very much rain or cool weather, it can be hard to grow food in your garden. Small trees placed strategically can provide shade and adjust the climate in your garden naturally. Finding the right local trees is an essential step as well because you want to find trees that can sustain the local environment. You will want to seek out a local nursery where you can talk to tree experts in your area.

Lessen Wind Impacts

Not all plants are created the same. Some plants are delicate and others are much stronger. Small trees can help block the wind strategically in your garden and force the wind to go around your garden if you place the trees properly. That will help protect delicate garden plants like flowers and fruit bearing plants.

Protect Against Bad Weather

Plants can take an absolute beating when there is severe weather. Hail and hard rain can ruin your garden if it hits at the wrong time. But, small trees placed in the right areas can help lessen the impact of bad weather and help save your garden. You can use the plants you put in your garden to guide the rain where you want it to go.

Brings in Pollinators

You need bees to pollinate your garden, flowers and other pollinating plants need their bee love. Planting certain types of trees can help attract all kinds of pollinators, including bees. It’s imperative to plant native trees, though, so that you’ll bring in the right pollinators.

Since beekeepers are having serious problems with colony collapse, you will be doing the earth a favor if you plant more trees that bees love! I don't know about you, but I love some honey. Not only is it an amazing natural sweetener that doesn't go bad, but it can also be used as allergy medicine because the bees create it from the local plant life.

Hide Ugly Walls And Fencing

Outside of the environmental issues, if you have fencing, walls, and other areas of your garden that aren’t attractive, planting a tree strategically will help a lot. So not only do they help with the environment, they can also help with your home's look!

They Just Look Nice

Trees look pretty in a garden; it gives the eye something to look at no matter the season. Your garden can look good all year long no matter what the weather. You can keep trees a lot more pruned and smaller than you think if you pick the right ones for your area. Again, this may take going out to a local farmer or nursery in your area and talking with a local tree exert.

Using small trees in your garden will improve air quality, protect against bad weather, and even help change the climate in the garden for better growth. They also cool you down in super sunny and hot areas that don’t have any type of shade.

They can also act a an awesome play area for the family. So there are an incredible amount of benefits to planting trees at home, not only for the look and feel, but you are doing your part for the local environment!

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We have lemon trees in our garden.

Yeah, fruit trees are awesome, especially if they are local to your area. You must be in the tropics somewhere, lol.

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