Weekly Validator and Eco DAO Transparency Report 7/25-7/31

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Happy Monday everyone! It's time for another carbonZERO eco-friendly validator transparency report! This week has been an outstanding week for our little team. Our EVMOS node is absolutely on fire! We cleared 150K EVMOS delegated which has lead to some bonus donations to our favorite environmental causes!

We also got our JUNO node launched and squeaked into the active set by way of voted set expansion. We were able to get a small push, but the welcome hasn't been as warm as we got with the EVMOS community. We are sitting close to the floor and are in need of some delegations.

Let's get into all the numbers for the DAO and the impact we are all having on the planet as a community, as well as what went on in our week of validating!

DAO Numbers

Screen Shot 20220801 at 10.51.02 AM.png

We are starting our carbonZERO DAO with 20% of our rewards goes to donations that the cZERO token holders will vote on. The other 10% is rewarded to our delegators as a thanks for helping us do what we do for the environment! DAO voting and rebate payouts start in September after the $cZERO governance token distribution has taken place... We are from here on trying to refrain from the word 'airdrop' as it has become a frowned upon practice with validators... So we will call it our governance token distribution!

This sheet shows our daily rewards and the break down of that 30%. Currently this is only for EVMOS. Our new JUNO node hasn't earned it's keep yet, much less enough to donate right now. This is where we need your help, JUNO fam!

Our other nodes, we take 10% when we can. Some of the smaller nodes do good to pay for themselves in these bear markets. Once the markets pick up, hopefully they will be adding to the DAO as well! But I will say, just for our new EVMOS node, these numbers are pretty awesome! Great job FAM!

Trees Planted

Screen Shot 20220801 at 11.02.03 AM.png

This week we were able to plant 600 additional trees with Ecologi to get us up to 3200 trees total! We have a pretty hefty goal of 100K trees by the end of 2022, so we are going to need your help to step it up! The EVMOS crew is killing it, so we are looking at you, JUNO fam!

We are also getting ready to donate our DAO funds for the month which will total roughly $275 after transaction fees for approximately 800 more trees! That's pretty awesome in such a short time! We exchange this to ATOM and then use Kraken to exchange out to fiat to our team account and we donate in fiat.

USDC for Donations

There is currently $281.09 USDC in out team wallet that we use to collect the daily rewards and put them into stablecoins for donations. These funds started from the beginning of our EVMOS journey, so they are a bit more than a week's total. These funds will eventually be moved to the DAO once we get things rolling there for voting!

OSMO (USDC) = osmo1703aezafxe0qt46f6pjguswrrw7yp42tqv0582

Rebate Amounts

For the 10% DAO rebates for our EVMOS delegators, there is 84.7 EVMOS in our team wallet that we are using to store these tokens until the monthly dispersement. This too is from the start of our EVMOS journey.

EVMOS = evmos1qyh3d4pfenfkftkk0g3jvv5akmywja2gs098xq

Governance and Updates


This week in $EVMOS validating was a smooth one. We are climbing the ranks fast with the EVMOS crowd and currently sitting at #52 with over 156K $EVMOS delegated! The EVMOS community is crushing it! They are serious about helping the environment!

Being that we crossed that 150K mark, we planted an additional 500 bonus trees! This is on top of the other 100 we planted when we hit 100K EVMOS delegated! AMAZING!!!

Screen Shot 20220731 at 10.48.45 AM.png

Aside from all of that, we also voted YES on EVMOS prop 44 which raises the minimum deposit amount for a governance proposal. This helps stop people from spamming the network.


This was our first week with getting our JUNO node into the active set! We have made 2 other attempts in the past, but this time with the set expansion we were able to get in! Day one, the JUNO chain halted due to a very malicious smart contract. So that was fun. We were quick to get a patch update from the team and get our node ready for relaunch, which was successful!

We also just launched our UNI-3 testnet validator up and running for the JUNO network! If we can stay in this and get a solid push we are also looking into running an additional RPC node for the network, but we have to justify the extra expense, so help us get up the set!

Getting in the active set started the snapshot clock for our $cZERO token distribution to our $JUNO delegators which is scheduled at this time to happen on August 27. But, we are in danger of falling out of the active set and need help getting a boost to a safer place. If we fall out of the active set, the snapshot clock stops and restarts.

We are also planting an additional 100 trees when we hit 10K $JUNO delegated!

Take a look at this post to learn more about our DAO governance token distribution to our delegators! It's a way to allow those who help us donate, a way to have a say so in how we do it!

Comdex - CMDX

Nothing new to report about Comdex. We are closely watching the issue with the accusations of wash trading and seeing how things are going to pan out. If you are unaware, there have been connections made with Comdex, Assetmantle, Persistence, and DVPN about wallets that are being used by the team to wash trade. Not only that, it was made aware to the community that these projects are basically all the same team running them and developing them.

As a validator it is our job to hold the team accountable for any wrong doings. So again, we are closely monitoring the situation.

Chihuahua Chain - HUAHUA

No validating news for $HUAHUA this week other than the token itself is pumping due to the recent burns made by the team. These burns are to help increase the deflationary aspects of the memecoin. They also implemented smart contract capabilities, so they are looking to expand beyond just being a cute memecoin for the Cosmos community.

Nomic - NOM

Just a friendly reminder to keep staking your NOM and stacking some Sats! We still cannot do anything else with these tokens, except compound and earn more Bitcoin!

Sifchain - ROWAN

This week we voted YES on Sifchain Prop 93 which will implement a software upgrade to the chain. Not much else going here.

On This Week's Agenda

This week, we are starting off right. We just got our official LLC paperwork filed, so now we are officially carbonZERO LLC. This is an exciting step for our little business! With this we are also planning to launch our own branded news blog where we will be writing all of our posts and will feed to all of our social accounts as well as post directly to the Hive blockchain. Posting on the blockchain makes our post an immutable public record, plus it's an awesome community and we earn crypto there. On our site we will also have some links to our nodes, DAO, and other needed resources.

We will also be working on getting some more of our social presence set up and filled out, such as getting a profile on Cosmos forums, setting up an Instagram account, and setting up our team Discord server and getting it ready for the public.

Other than that, the main focus is trying to earn the love of the JUNO community to help us move up the ranks so that we can add some JUNO into our DAO donations so we can do some serious good for the environment. We are also looking into expanding with our newly available resources from shutting down our Cerberus node and looking for the best opportunities and chains to get involved with.

We are also working on an agenda for a possible weekly Twitter Spaces that will hopefully grow into a full on podcast that we have asked a couple of other eco validators to join, and they have agreed! So we are working up a format and a plan and hopefully we can get that started in the next few weeks!

Have a great week everyone!

We Are carbonZERO

carbonZERO is a full service, eco-conscious validator node operator for the Cosmos ecosystem, providing infrastructure for several blockchain in the Cosmos ecosystem. We run top of the line bare metal servers, utilizing 64GB RAM, 1TB NVMe SSDs, and 8-core / 16-thread CPUs. Our node architecture consists of frontline sentry nodes for ultimate security. Future plans for additional security & performance include implementing threshold signer nodes, as well as additional sentry and RPC nodes.

Stake your $EVMOS, $JUNO, $CMDX, $ROWAN, $HUAHUA, and $NOM with carbonZERO using our Restake app and if Authz is available, you will be able to auto-compound your tokens!

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You guys need to create a very simple guide on how to help you plant more trees :P
Because I don't understand half of your posts xD

We do this with our Cosmos ecosystem nodes that we run. Basically think of it as similar to a witness on Hive, but most chains have about 100 to 150 nodes producing blocks versus Hive's 21.

So delegating to our nodes on the chains we support helps support our efforts.

Currently our EVMOS and JUNO nodes are donating 20% of the commissions to our eco friendly causes. The rest are doing 10% because of market values and server costs.

You can go to our Ecologi page https://ecologi.com/carbonzero and gift directly from there as well if you aren't into the Cosmos ecosystem.

Well. I am not into the Cosmos Ecosystem, but I also haven't done any research on it xD

Maybe I should.

Seems like you guys are doing very well with Ecologi and funding projects, nice!

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