Rune to $20, $50 price coin in the making.

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Listen if your not in with RUNE ... do you even crypto?

Thor chain is going to go parabolic and when that happens Rune to the moon. 🚀

Listen when everything is all said and done and Thorchain performs than you bet that RUNE and touch $20 and that’s not even the top.

About 2 months ago I said that Rune would hit $10 and it surpassed that last week it went back to $10 and once gain it’s up to $16 and some change my prediction is mow $20 by Friday.


I purchased a small moon bag. When it was being talked about in the Leo discord at around $.50 so it’s safe to say that it is better than any of those safemoon coins.

This dude below thinks RUNE can hit $50 bones? What do you think?

Rune is on the BNB smart chain yea the coin that is going nuts right now.

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Too bad I missed rune. With hype around the project and development, $50 is quite possible in space of the Defi

Only $50?

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Okay maybe $150

Doge to the moon btw.

This Doge thing is getting silly.

I wonder if it's that pulling litecoin up too>?

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