Bitcoin Holding On To 30K Support For Dear Life! How Low Do You Think We Can Go?

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Well, the Bitcoin bulls are holding on for dear life at the 30K support level which is actually good that we are building market support at this level. If we can't hold this level, the next stop is 25k, which there is not much, or really any support. After that, the next stop on the Bitcoin rollercoaster is 20K!

Screen Shot 20220519 at 2.36.12 PM.png

Taking a look at the daily time frame, with all my support and resistance levels, you can see that with the amount of downward pressure, 20K is almost inevitable at this point.

The blue line in the chart represents the absolute bottom as we see things. This is around 13.5K - 10.5K... You may be saying, WTF??? Yeah, well traditionally, in past bear markets, there has been an 85% correction from the top, and that is the level! It's also the level with the most market structure and support.

Now this is not to say we will stay there long if we go there, I am thinking that it will be more of a liquidation bounce off those levels if anything.

With everyone in the bull run screaming 150K-250K BTC, and the fact that we didn't even get close, I am hoping the drop will be about the same. With the amount of institutional investors that are in play at this point, I am hoping that we can sustain the current levels.

If we break current support, I am opening a short on on BSC! They have a new perpetual trading platform that I am starting to do some leverage trading!

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I am watching these bitcoin prices, happy to see them.


I remember when it was holding at 3,000 after its ATH of 18,000.

I remembering people who bought in at 18,000 panicking. LOL

Wasn't even that long ago.

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