Weed market Wednesday 3-17-21 Earn BROCoin with WEED, MJ Options Trade, YOLO and MSOS Stock Trades

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Hello everyone, @thelogicaldude is back with another Coin Logic TV episode! Happy Weed Market Wednesday! So today was the announcement of BroFi by the @brofund! This is a cool project that they are doing where you delegate different Hive Engine tokens or just delegate Hive and you will earn BRO coin daily! One of the Hive Engine tokens that is in the pool is WEED! So we now have a DeFi style use case where if you delegate your staked WEED tokens to the @brofi account then you will earn BRO coin, which if you hold BRO coin, you will earn more WEED tokens! It's a full circle, win/win!

Check this post about the BroFi project from @agr8buzz!

Also I talk about the WEED markets on Tribaldex.com as well as glance at the Newdex.io market where you can trade weed for EOS.

Then we get into the craziness that has been the options trade I put on Robinhood for the MJ ETF at a $24 strike price ending on the 26th, and purchased some shares of YOLO and MSOS ETFs to kind of hedge the options trade.

If you want to know more, just watch the video!

Don't get REKT!

Be Cool, Be Real, and Abide!


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Great video brotha and appreciate sharing the link!

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Thanks! And no problem!

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