Weed Market Wednesday 3-24-21 ETF'S Take A Beating Store Upgrades BIG MAC Seeds And More!

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It's another Weed Market Wednesday here on Coin Logic TV! Loading it up to the Weedcash community! Today I go over the beating my cannabis ETF trades took. Can't win them all, am I right? Oh well, looks the like the overall markets have been getting hit this week as well. The WEED token is down at the moment and is, in my opinion, not financial advise, a killer deal right now and a betting man would go and put in some limit orders to buy up some WEED tokens at these prices!

Anyway, I also discuss some awesome things that may be coming to the store, like Delta 8 THC from Mookwlkr! @Daltono posted an article that talked about his experience and I went down the rabbit hole, lol. Been in discussions with the manufacturers and they want to get their products on the store!

Also talking about @canna-curate 's 5 Gallon Bucket Challenge and the new official #Weedcash strain, BIG MAC!

Here are the referenced articles from the Weedcash Network:
@Daltono 's Delta-8 THC

@jonyoudyer 's BIG MAC Testers Wanted post

@Skylinebuds 5 Gallon Challenge update post

Hope everyone has a great rest of their week!

Don't get REKT... like we did, lol!


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Awesome video! Thanks for the shoutout.
I’m psyched to known Moonwlkr was interested in partnering with WeedCash. Delta-8 available to the community seems like a good look to me.

Thanks for the shout out! But the Silver Mac will be the Wc strain, and should be done in a few weeks :)

Oh my bad, lol! I smoke too much weed and have too much going on, lol.

Ps: however the Big Mack is still a very big part of Weedcash, and I hope it to be the bridge for the @bifbeans community and ours, and I’m talking on a business level:)

Thanks for the post shout out, Awesome work you are doing

Thanks bud! Same to you!

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