The Big One Is Occam Launching April 10th

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Not surprising to see ADA at the top of the tree as this year is very important especially for them. The crypto community has been waiting 4 years for something tangible and if Charles wasn't leading the way most would have already left. That is the truth as everyone has hedged their investments on the person and knowing what is capable.

There have been some decent projects that are happening and everything is reliant on their Smart Media Contracts which is quite amusing as isn't that what we were all waiting for on Hive. From my understanding looking at the time frames these are very similar as the meet up in Portugal was where everyone was sold that idea and that was back in 2017. Cardano will have theirs this year and is the game changer for them.

I think what I am trying to say is you can have all the development in the world topping charts, but something also has to be proven to work. Cardano is an unfinished product and is only coming to the fore now and why it is great to have another giant about to hit the market place. Hive I see being in the same type of place and wasn't ready and is also bubbling up to being taken more seriously. Every layer added completes another piece of the puzzle.


We saw #CARDS launch on the 29th which is a launch pad for Cardano projects and went from 15 c on the 29th March to $17.84 earlier today. There is another one that hasn't launched yet that is far bigger than #CARDS called Occam and will have it's own token #OCC. This is one token I really want and why I believe @CARDS went so well as it allows those holders access to #OCC first. Cardano having their own DeFi with the community they already have in place will surely boom.

I know Cardano has something like 45 billion coins and see the price value more in the coins associated with it like what OCC is doing and others like Coti and Cards. Obviously more projects will roll out thick and fast once everything is working properly.

Go and have a look at what is coming in the coming weeks April 10th is penciled in. Occam Launch Pad

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Wow... I never knew Cardano (ADA) had such a great backbone or community, not even Hive or Hive doesn't have a thriving move on github too? But then, personally, I still don't feel convinced enough to the extent of keeping a huge investment in Cardano, I don't think the community is yet strong enough to keep one's investment stable or what exactly to you think of investing in ADA on a very long term plan?

We are every where ;)

That's indeed good to know!

Can you buy the OCC token yet? That might be worth looking into for sure! Very interesting. I remember when I was first getting into crypto Cardano was one of the early ones I was looking at. I ultimately decided to go a different direction, but I am glad they are still out there kicking around!

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Not yet and unfortunately will need to have @CARDS to get the early buy in. This is going to go up quickly and will be looking to see how I can get some. Don't see value in Cardano and more in the tokens that support it.

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Yeah, that is too bad. Thanks for the info! Best of luck trying to get your hands on some!

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