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RE: Cub Finance Audit is Live | $20m TVL, Kingdoms Update and LeoBridge

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Question: What if those 'other platforms' suffer a hack or rug-pull situation? I suppose that the Cub Kingdom will also be affected and hence Kingdoms inherently carries risks from other platforms as well as rewards. Correct?

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Hope for the best, prepare for the worst.

Very good point. I am sure the LEO Finance team will research platforms very well before going into partnership with them.

Goose Finance has been mentioned within this article. They are pretty solid being the first to remove a portion of code called the Migrator from their fork of Pancake Swap. This was the portion of code that allowed rug-pulls.

Since CUB Finance is very similar in many ways to Goose Finance, along with:

  • CertiK Audit Certification
  • Real-time monitoring by SkyNet

As far as potential hacks, Leo Finance has experience in this area with the Uniswap hack. Counter-measures were implemented and all participants were made whole.

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Thanks for the input. When you put it this way,it sounds like the Leo-trust will be further extended to wider range and hence better returns 😍😍🔥🔥

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