Are you suffering from the "what if paralyser" on Hive?

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Are you suffering from the "what if paralyser" on Hive?

Direct from the desk of Dane Williams.

If you’re too scared to blog on LeoFinance, you’re suffering from the what if paralyser on Hive.

Something I heard on a recent episode of the Cryptomaniacs Podcast featuring our very own @anomadsoul has stuck in my mind long enough for me to finally write this post.

The lads were talking about the resistance to blogging via because the word finance has an intimidating aura around it.

There’s no denying it's true.

We’ve all heard the same questions asked when it comes to why people new to Hive are reluctant to get involved.

Peering through that window to the land of LeoFinance and longing for a better life on the other side of the glass.

“What if I don’t know anything about finance?,” they ask.

Or “What if I’m not smart enough to contribute anything of value here?”

Well, if that’s your train of thought as you stand stuck on the other side of the glass window, I’m here to inspire you to take action.

Here’s why you can and should publish your first blog via the LeoFinance front-end, today!

LeoFinance is the best Hive community.

LeoFinance can be intimidating for new bloggers

To get noticed when starting to blog on Hive, you need to take advantage of Hive’s layer-2 reward system.

And the biggest and most lucrative opportunity to make money blogging on Hive comes via getting your content on the LeoFinance front-end and earning LEO on top of your native HIVE crypto rewards.

They don’t call LeoFinance the best Web3 blogging platform for nothing.

However, as I touched on in the introduction, we keep seeing too many people with Hive accounts suffering from what I call the what if paralyser.

Second guessing their abilities and asking “what if” to problems that not only aren’t problems yet…

…but ultimately that don’t matter at all.

Having this mindset catches us like a deer in the headlights.

Instead of maximising our earning potential from Hive, we’re paralysed from taking action and just lurk on the wrong side of the window.

The bottom line is that if you’re savvy enough to be here writing and curating content for crypto rewards, then you have an opinion or journey to share on LeoFinance.

So why not share it?

Break through the barrier and just start blogging

In our case, the solution to the what if paralyser is actually pretty simple.

Stop worrying about problems until they’re actually problems.

Most of the time you’re going to discover that by forging ahead and simply getting shit done, they don’t ever manifest themselves into anything at all.

And if they do, then you’ll cross that bridge when you come to it with greater confidence.

It’s funny how that works, really.

If you find yourself paralysed and wondering what if in the meantime, you’re just wasting energy and going nowhere as a writer.

99% of the time you’ll find that you’ve overblown the issue in your own mind and with a little guidance from those of us already in the LeoFinance community, you’ll be able to easily adjust on the fly.

I’m actually yet to find a regular LeoFinance blogger who hasn’t been able to adapt after barely a handful of posts.

There are a plethora of folks making bank blogging on LeoFinance who are in no way traditional financial experts.

We actually have people in the community from all walks of life, who are now making money blogging about finance by adding their own unique spin on the topic.

They’ve found their niche to blog about on Hive and are making it work.

You can do it too!

Final thoughts on the what if paralyser on Hive

Ultimately, these people all have one thing in common.

They were all able to be successful because they didn’t get bogged down and paralysed asking what if.

They just got stuck in, shared their own personal financial story and adapted on the fly.

So if you can relate to this post and feel like you’ve got the what if syndrome, I can’t encourage you enough to just start pounding those keys.

Write something.


Create > Learn > Adapt - You’ve got this.

You can and should publish your first blog via the LeoFinance front-end, today!

Best of probabilities to you.

PS. If you can relate to this blog but STILL find yourself stuck on how you can adapt and add value to LeoFinance, then hit me up in the comments.

We’ll find your niche.

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I used to be in this position until like about two years ago when I finally got convinced by @toofasteddie, @empoderat and @trumpan who have constantly shilled me leofinance to join the community. The range of topics you can discuss in here is not that tight as some believe it to be.

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Yeah the lads! @toofasteddie @empoderat @trumpan

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I used to have the what if syndrome too. Until, I decided to get on with the pHBD-USDC liquidity pool. That's where everything really kicked off for me. I found the community to be quite supportive and I never looked back. I am hoping to have a strong presence in the community by trying as much as I can to add value and receive value too.

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Thats awesome to hear :)

What are your future plans for providing liquidity?

If the APR drops below the 20% you can get for purely staking HBD in your wallet, will you be moving?

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Great post. I like it. Even if, I still think that contents should have quality to avoid flooding the board here, I think that everyone should at least give it a try. Even if not to become a blogger, just to get out from the comfort zone

Yeah, I'm not trying to advocate for posting random nothing posts about what you ate for breakfast or whatever.

But as long as you're making an effort about your personal journey, you really can't go wrong.

We are a Web3 blogging platform that rewards you in crypto for your content.

Literally just by sharing why you're here means you have something to say :)

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Yep :D
I hope to not bother you too much, but I would like your honest opinion on the matter.
I am posting hard, on topics crypto-related, trying to give a lot of value. What would you suggest me to do to get more exposure of my contents?

Here are a few quick tips to increase exposure of your content:

  1. Post from Those with larger LEO stake are incentivised to reward content posted from our native front-end because it has the chance to generate ongoing ad revenue for the site.
  2. Formatting: Ensure you're using subheadings and relevant anchor text when you share links.
  3. Get on the hot/trending pages: When you're starting out, you won't get there immediately. So go through every post on the trending page each day and leave a long, value-adding comment. Integrate a link to your post into them and over time, you will get noticed.

As long as you already have 1 and 2 sorted, then you can get more people reading your content via 3.

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Thanks! I will try to follow these tips! Much much appreciated

The main issue with content creation is that people think they should create "news content" on one side, or some expert reviews of some financial products, while the reality is entirely different...

On Hive (and tribes) people like to read personal experiences, different points of view, and content of that kind... And for creating content like that, it doesn't matter how "expert" are you, or your level of intelligence...
So, go for it and share your experience!! Everyone has that and can do it!

I have picked this post on behalf of the @OurPick project and it will be highlighted in the next post!

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I can resonate with that on my own journey actually.

When I first started, I would share a ton of finance news and analysis posts.

Even though (I think haha) I know what I'm talking about, engagement was always low because the topic is boring.

While I may not be an expert, I've found much more success sharing my journey and opinions around Web3 on LeoFinance.

Everyone has an opinion and a journey that others here can relate to!

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In reality, what some people are also scared of is thinking that their contents should they publish it might not be Leofinance standards. I think one way to erase this mentality is to create the impression that finance is way beyond crypto and other Blockchain technicalities

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Haha yeah, Hive definitely has created an aura around standards and what is supposedly acceptable.

Even though it's all subjective.

As members of the LeoFinance community, I feel we have a responsibility to be more welcoming that we already are of new people who genuinely are making an effort.

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It's something that I came across first when I learned about LeoFinance. Eventually, I took the leap and made a post in the community. It took some time but I think of this community as a place to be and I don't think I could of imagined it when I first learned about LeoFinance.

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You're a great example of the journey I hope more new authors take :)

You're a gamer who shares his p2e journey and thus relates back to finance that way.

You found a way and it works!

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I got a little nervous in the beginning and I know a good deal about finance. Maybe a rebranding is in order?


or maybe just write the post and see how it goes?

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Which is pretty much what imno did :)

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Hmm, a rebrand would essentially set us back to square 1 though.

With crypto and finance going hand in hand... and us literally being a crypto social media platform... I do wonder if over time the finance aspect of our name will become less intimidating?

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Screen Shot 2022-07-13 at 4.04.17 AM.png

Rising Star had 7167 active players in the last 7 days. Leo had 600 active posters in the last month. Rising star is small in comparison to something like Splinterlands.

Games are the main attraction on hive and that's bled over to it's social layers. Leo is the front end with the largest potential by far but leo needs to know that the majority of its potential readers and contributors are coming in from games. Many of these players know very little about finance and will not stop being intimidated by the word. If not intimidated then just not what they are here for.

I would rebrand as just Leo and throw in a tagline that pulls games, social, and finance together. Because when it comes down to it, that's what we're here for. We're here exploring the potential to tokenize community. We are trying to figure out how all the things link together in the real world. That's what I'm here for at least. I think boiling that down to "finance" misses the mark.

Clearly we don't have to do that. In time the crypto community will become more financialized. We saw a huge step in that direction this last cycle. Still though I think leo"finance" misses the bigger picture of where its own community is going.


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As @taskmaster4450 said several times, you can even talk about music on LeoFinance, so long as it's about the business of music.
So, yeah, go out there and start writing / creating 💪

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I'm really happy to see you're sharing those Hive explainers of yours on LeoFinance.

Perfect fit :)

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I used to be like this when I started but fuck it mates. Don't care what others think.

Create > Learn > Adapt - You’ve got this.

Learn as go and get better with each post you publish. That's the way.

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Something that your content is a shining example of :)

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Sir. 😍

Means a lot coming from you!

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I think it's a serious concern that many #newlions face.

Thanks for highlighting mate ✌🏼

If just one #newlion who is lurking in the background decides to post because they read this post, then it has done its job!

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Hive is just too big to know about all the projects and evaluate which one are the best ones to invest. "What if" is just hindsight, and it's impossible to make the best choices everytime! What we need to do is to learn and try to do GOOD choices, not trying to achive the impossible BEST !


You can earn passive income by delegation of tribe tokens to "The Cartel"!

Click the banner to join "The Cartel" Discord server to know more!

Are we really that big though?

There aren't THAT many front-ends with content organised by stake in their own layer-2 token to choose between.

That number gets even smaller when you look at some tokenomics and distribution details.

I would say it's quite clear to say that LeoFinance, 1Up and only a few others are truly in the league of their own.

If you're posting on Hive, then to maximise your rewards, you really should be taking advantage of communities.

And LeoFinance encompasses the most broad range of topics due to the fact we're on a crypto social network and basically anything personal goes.

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I struggle with this issue in the beginning but when I jumped into the leofinance community page and comb through the posts, I saw that many weren't 'financial experts' in the traditional sense of the term. I think finance is a broad topic that almost anyone can write about, you just have to blend it with some creativity.

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Your digital minimalism post is a perfect example of how anyone can share a personal experience in the online space and have it work on LeoFinance.

As someone who is way too bogged down by an endless number of useless apps and accounts, that one really resonated with me.

Keep up the great work :)

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Thank you! It means a lot. I really appreciate it :)

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This post does wonders for what we're trying to achieve, which is to change the mindset the Hive community has about Leo Finance. You're speaking the truth, many Hivers are intimidated or uninterested about Leo Finance because of the implications they assume LF brings, instead of taking a deep dive around the ecosystem and finding out that indeed, Leo Finance is for everyone!

By the way @forexbrokr, we noticed that you powered up some LEO tokens in June 15, thanks for joining LPUD and helping the LeoFinance community grow stronger!

Just dropping by to let you know that the second edition is just around the corner, hopefully you'll join once again!


This Leo Power Up Day is special because it's part of the LeoFinance & Blocktrades HiveFest contest and if you join this LPUD, you'll be one step closer to winning one ticket with accommodation included to attend HiveFest!

Hopefully you'll join us!


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By the way @forexbrokr, we noticed that you powered up some LEO tokens in June 15, thanks for joining LPUD and helping the LeoFinance community grow stronger!

Yep, I've been saving my author rewards for LPUD.

See you on the 15th! ;)

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I can identify myself being one of those who was paralyzed at first. Now I find pushing that publish -button easier day after day. Still, thanks for the great post and encouragement!

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Happy to hear that you've found your own posting groove :)

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Well said friend, yes anyone who is on Hive should have a basic interest in economics via their interest in cryptocurrency. I knew nothing about finance until I discovered bitcoin over 4 years ago. I then taught myself loads and enjoy posting my insights and research on LEO for the double gains. small as they are.

I presume if I power up more LEO I might get better payouts from the LEO crew, which are miniscule at present and so a bit disheartening for all the work I put in here in a LEO post.

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As much as people don't want to say it, in any stake weighted system, an author's stake is going to play a part in the votes they attract.

Curators with large stake have a vested interest in rewarding quality content that will attract more readers to the site.

But also to fund those authors who are also taking a stake themselves and not just dumping the rewards back on the market.

For a healthy token economy, it needs to get into as many hands as possible and the best way is to get people staking and not dumping everything.

Your content is actually excellent (just needs some subheadings and internal links) so I'd definitely encourage you to buy and power up some more LEO.

Like you said, it's cheap as chips right now so if you're serious about continuing to write, then go for it.

I've given you a follow :)

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

Yes I see your point now. Many thanks. I decided to power up 200 LEO today as a move in the right direction.

Thanks for the feedback, I will aim for the subheadings and I noticed how many links are in the posts of other bloggers sometimes. I haven't utilized that yet.

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At first it was a challenge for me but everyday life evolves some kind of finance.
This is a vast arrays that can come when you think about finance.


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You certainly have no problem pumping out the content now haha.

Only thing you need to do now is break it up into more readable pieces by using subheadings (### in markdown).

Keep creating and growing that stack! :)

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I boldly admit that I am among those who use the finance part of being an active member as the excuse that keeps us away... But I go ahead and add that I had tried to engage here but I wasn't really aware of any cryptographic lingo which made transitioning my overthinking poetic mind to another mode impossible at the time.

This is a second attempt.

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

Hey, welcome to LeoFinance :)

I'd definitely encourage you to stay brave and keep putting your content out there on (use our front-end to post).

As you're moving forward on your crypto journey and learning the lingo, you should share your progress and what you're learning.

There are a ton of people lurking here that have the same questions and fears that you could help.

Just gotta put yourself out there.

Hopefully I'll see you around the community :)

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

Thank you so :)

I have been in the shadows of the community for so long but my financial crisis is forcing me to rethink my stay there. I would be so far ahead but I keep sleeping on a gold mine.

I will try to stick around for a bit longer this time :)

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I really like the attitude "Stop worrying about problems until they’re actually problems." I should put it on a note on my fridge.

Happy to hear that its stick-note-worthy advice! :)

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This is a very useful information and you have spoken the mind of so many people about having the confidence to make a post on leofinace I was once in that position but with the help of this lovely community and the members am getting better everyday and my life has changed for good and I have also learnt a lot from this community I think another important thing is to also engaged with members engagement matters and this will also create the avenue for asking questions about what you don't no
Thanks for sharing this informative and educative post @forexbrokr

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

There are an endless stream of new users who have the same fears and questions as you did.

Anyone can share their own personal journey in crypto as they go and provide value to LeoFinance.

Just gotta take the plunge like you did :)

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I agreed with you friend @forexbrokr

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Saludos paso por aqui a brindarte mi apoyo soy nuevo en esta plataforma recientmente he publicado mi primer video de presentacion quiero aprender cada dia mas de hive... un saludo desde colombia