Are you too smart for your own good?

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Are you too smart for your own good?

Direct from the desk of Dane Williams.

Some Monday bear market musings on sharpening your focus as a blogger here on Hive.

Are you too smart for your own good?

This is a concept that I see play out over and over in the freelancer community.

Extremely intelligent people with the education, skills and experience required to truly make a difference to the bottom lines of businesses who will pay them handsomely for their services.

But intelligence can be both a blessing and a curse.

Because once you find out that you are good at a particular skill, then you soon realise that there are a ton of related, monetisable (is that a word lol?) services that those skills can be applied to.

As a result, you find it difficult to focus your attention on solving one specific problem and ultimately miss out on the rewards which stem from building your brand as an expert in whichever extremely specific field you choose.

The same business concepts can be applied to blogging on Hive

Shock horror, the exact same concept that applies to service based online businesses can be applied right here in the world of Web3 blogging on Hive.

I mean I’m sure I’m not the only once who has seen the same scenario play out over and over across every community on Hive.

Extremely intelligent people with A TON to offer, spreading themselves too thin and missing out on all the benefits of becoming a specialist.

Literally great at too many things.

Finding themselves flipping between the different Hive communities and front-ends, not being able to focus and truly build a presence within a specific community.

Nobody is doubting that they’re capable of contributing value to each and every one.

But their inability to focus their time and attention within one specific niche actually works against them.

By spreading their focus too thin, they’re not able to establish themselves as an expert or key contributor to any one community and as such…

They don’t make as much money from their blog.

See what I mean by being literally they’re too smart for their own good?

You need to focus your attention

Committing and focusing all of your time, energy and skills is the key.

In no way am I even close to the smartest man in the room when it comes to talking crypto and the cutting edge world of Web3.

But I have managed to trade my opinions for a half decent stack of LEO and HIVE along the way.

While I’m here tooting my own horn, writing SEO and opinion pieces on crypto is not my only “thing”.

Football, hockey, photography, travel and culture all get my emotional juices pumping and if you scroll back through my writing in the Steemit days, you’ll find I dabbled in sharing my experiences on them all.

It took me a while to figure out that I needed to focus, but once I figured out that the LeoFinance community was where I needed to be?

The results were like night and day.

My audience grew, my personal network grew and my upvotes grew.

Everything changed for the better once I focussed my attention and stuck to this particular lane.

Final thoughts on specialising here on Hive

By focusing your attention on a specific niche and community here on Hive, you’re not trapping yourself.

You can change - Heck, when was the last time I wrote a forex technical analysis piece? (eww)

The reality is that you’re not trapped because via the relationships formed from your position of respect within a community, you’ll find a myriad of opportunities come your way.

So why not give it a go?

Stop being too smart for your own good and go all in by focusing your attention on one specific niche and Hive community.

Your future self will thank you.

Best of probabilities to you.

PS. I hope you’re ready to crush this week.

While regular writers know the best way to make money blogging on Hive is to be consistent, for the last few weeks I certainly haven’t been heeding my own advice.

With the markets crumbling around us, it’s time to get back on the content creation horse and start ticking over that word counter!

See you around :)

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I'm a Leo addict for about two years.

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I believe there is a pill you can take for that.

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And as such, I'd say you've carved out a nice niche for yourself here in the community.

Keep up the great work! :)

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An important part of growing is to focus on one thing at a time.

Multitasking, and spreading too thin doesn't help us achieve our goals, it will only wear us out, thereby stopping us from being consistent at one thing.


Is it time to grow up?

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I guess so.

Not only being consistent at that one thing, but also building a reputation as a specialist and therefore being able to monetise your standing.

Happy to see you're keeping your focus on LeoFinance :)

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You have to stay on the horse no matter what the markets are doing as that will cost you in the long run.

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What horse? Where is there a horse?

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Lol. Stay in the saddle and keep working.

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Task is sassy today haha.

I hear you and I've certainly settled in for the long run :)

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I ended up focusing on LeoFinance first and I don't regret doing so. It's what I believe is the best community for me and I agree that spreading yourself too thin could be a potential issue. So that makes me wonder about how I should deal with my HE tokens.

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So that makes me wonder about how I should deal with my HE tokens.

Give them to me.

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Haha... Funny answer but perfect... 😆

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He's in the comments section of my blog.

If he's giving them to anyone, then he's giving them to me.

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If you aren't active posting, but still want to keep a number of other Hive-Engine tokens as a future investment, I'd recommend delegating them to a second account and using to follow tribe specific curators.

That way you keep building your secondary stack passively, but you're able to focus your content creation here.

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Solid advice for the newbies and a few oldies too who are just pushing out content like headless chickens. Find your tribe and go all in. :))

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I will try to do better.

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It's great that you want to do better after being one of the bests in the business. ✌️

This should inspire others to do more.

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He's definitely not talking about you.

Your blog and its futurist economic focus, is THE model to follow.

Keep up the great work!

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How good does that 10K LEO stack feel when you look at your wallet now? ;)

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A lot of wise words in this one. Love it!

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Hey welcome back.

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Thnks! Feels good, not gonna lie. I managed to recover my account using the keychain file. Was 100% sure I lost everything and it bummed me out a lot.

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Wow, scary.

Another reality check for a few of us to make sure we have recovery processes put in place for our accounts!

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Def not something I would recommend to anyone lol.

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You're back from the grave 😄

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Just a few scratches. They will never get me!

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I've joked about my massive brain being a gift and a curse a number of times. Very well said as always boss.

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Humans tend not to excel at honest self appraisal.

Just food for thought.

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Very true. I mean, just read my comment lol

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Judging by your content and how fast you're now building your LEO stack, it looks like you've figured it out ;)

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I like to think so.

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Committing and focusing all of your time, energy and skills is the key.

Sometimes it's frustrating to see not paid for your work bit it's life, you have to move on with it. Yeah, it's a problem when things ain't going your way for a long time. We may then need to try something else.

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Don't give up mate, you're on the right path.

Keep stacking that LEO and showing up every day.

I see you've even now got a nice 10K LEO delegation whose curation rewards will help you cement your place deeper into the community.

You'll get there! :)

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Dude, I have so many skills that I find it hard to even focus on even taking the first basic steps toward any one thing... should I be writing about crypto, or diy things, or homesteading, or ranching, or maybe write fiction? Why couldn't the cry building blocks of my education have been more focused from the beginning...

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Isn't the first step identifying that you have a problem? ;)

You're telling yourself here that you're spread too thin.

So pick a niche, come up with a plan and focus.

All of those niches can be monetised in one way or another online.

Make the change.

You've got this!

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I just read the title/jpeg! And I can assert 100% Yes!

Reading more of the blog, focusing on a niche that you love and are good at is definitely key.

I still remember this guy who is cutting bonsaï an hour a day and subscribers pay 30$ a month to watch this! He makes millions 😅

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Is it Herons Bonsai?

I'm certainly no Bonsai enthusiast, but no joke even I subscribe to his channel haha.

It's so good!

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Are you too smart for your own good?

Nah. I'm not too bright and I know it. I make up for it by reading a lot (and posting some comments).

You are right. Focus you attention upon Hive for the next few years and it will likely turn out very well for you.

That is the message we should drive home to everyone.

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Humble as always mate.

Call it whatever you want, but you're definitely more intelligent than you give yourself credit for.

Keep killing it with your content and engagement! :)

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Focus benefits are underrated and the virtues of being involved in everything, are hugely overrated.

Couldn't have put it better myself :)

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Please talk to me directly. I know I am good at a lot of things. And if you scroll pass my blog on peakd, you'll find my journey has grown in diverse ways.

But them, I decided to evolve and choose something to focus on. I decided to Choose the Leofinance community not because my finance knowledge is perfect, but because I wanted to learn as I scribble those financial posts.

And anytime the friends I met before I took this decision brings up a thing or two for fun, I stroll to the other communities and place my input there.

There's something that worries me though @forexbrokr, it's the fact that I feel as though I am leaving those friends behind.

I can't help but wonder if my blog connects with them as it did in the past. And most days, I lay in bed and wonder if I should stick to the new focus or return to the old ones.🥺

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I don't think you have to choose between being a specialist content creator on LeoFinance and your friends in other communities.

If you're looking to maximise your LEO rewards, then focus your content and engagement on LeoFinance using this account.

Then use an alt account to keep up with your friends in other communities for fun.

You can do both! :)

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Cool. I guess I have to try this. Cos, sincerely, I miss sharing my stories. Thanks for this tip... I'll do that.

One of the best advice for us hivers.

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Keep that focus!

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It's funny, isn't it?
When it comes to making a living, we advise everyone to focus on a particular niche.
When it comes to investing, the most prevalent advice out there is to diversify.
No wonder people get confused!

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It all depends where you are in life.

Me personally, I'm in the wealth accumulation stage where I can afford the risks that come with focusing my investments to try and achieve life changing money.

Diversification is for those who are in the wealth protection phase.

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After all the years here, I'd say.. Build an audience, by both publishing, but also networking and then dip your toes in various communities find 1 or 2 and stick!

Also, it's good for the community to have specialists and loyal following that support that community as we have demonstrated on LEO.

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Build an audience, by both publishing, but also networking

This! :)

We've previously talked about coming up with a daily commenting strategy on Hive to cement your position within the community and get noticed.

Show up, engage and most importantly add value.

Do this and it won't go unnoticed for long :)

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What you say is very true, we bloggers can know a lot about many different topics, but if we want to be successful as a blogger, we must achieve engagement with our contents and actions, and for this, one of the most important requirements is to focus our focus on a specific niche. Because only specialization will allow us to create our own space and audience and because talking about various unrelated topics goes against our success as bloggers in general. We have to understand all this very well, because it is totally true that sometimes we are too smart for our own good, which also means that sometimes we ourselves are our worst enemies and our worst obstacles.

Excellent article. Thanks for sharing!

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Thanks for stopping by and adding your 2c.

Appreciated :)

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