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Have you tried your skills in trading crypto? i'm positive that you have, so do not say you have never traded cryptos i won't believe you
the platforms to do this out there are so many ,i'm gonna lose count if i start writing them down



all the following links are Reflinks ,don't wanna play the Smartass here nobody is fool out there


i wanna talk to you, though, about StromGain Platform ,a trading platform which offers you a great experience in crypto trading
of course i've already made a post about StormGain which you can find it in this link but when i did this post i was actually quite new to the platform and didn't know much about it

first of all let me say again that StormGain is available both on a mobile and desktop version, so you can get on it even when you drive ,which i don't recommend cause most probably you'll get yourself involved in as car accident but anyway

the special feature StormGaim has to offer is the FREE mining section!
instead of a one-time welcoming bonus the Platform offers you the possibility to mine for free (no CPU is involved ,make no mistake there is nothing affects your device) by clicking an activation link every 4 hours
when you gather 10 USDT you are eligible to transfer this amount to your trading account and then start placing trades ,with their money
what ever profit you make out of these trades is yours to claim to your external wallet
the funny part is that after you transfer your mined tokens to the trading section you can mine again starting from 0 ,so you trade and mine at the same time
you managed to mine 10 USDT again? can transfer the amount into your trading account and start mining fresh
till now i have managed to mine two times this 10 USDT amount and i'm mining to reach again the tradeable amount for the third time you can see the pic below


now on my trades i won't say i'm that successful but i managed to make a small profit which i exchanged it immediately for some BCH (Bitcoincash) and stored it in my account,this is mine nobody can take it from me
i'm just targeting the minimum withdrawal amount to get it to my hardware wallet


i really don't know if this sounds boring to you but for me is a very easy way to make some extra sats, without putting any effort at all, just a click every 4 hours,when this is possible of course, i'm not saying that i hit the button every four hours let's be realistic
in my trading account i have 19 USDT at the momment so lets see how it goes
i will definitely keep you updated, some of you out there might be interested

my goal is to reach the minimum BCH limit, withdraw to Binance Exchange and from there moving the funds to CUBdefi
yeah yeah yeah, it's all about CUBdefi don't get me wrong guys i'm kinda obsessed with it
In case you wanna try the platform my link is the following feel free to hit it and register through it

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