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RE: HIVE wins most innovative crypto product at ADVFN awards.

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When this was submitted for it was such a longshot and it's great to see that we've as an entire ecosystem have been recognized by the ADVFN alongside other big shots like you've said and have won.


As we have said in the past. You might have to talk to 50 groups before finding one that will work out. This might have been a long shot but unless hive is entered into the ring it never stands a chance.

The more people that we reach out to. The more contacts that we build. The larger that we can grow the community and eco-system and the bigger that we can grow the hive brand then the more growth and recognition that we will see.

It pays to enter as many as possible. To apply for as many listings as possible and see which can become winners. Nicely done with this one and hopefully it can gain us some positive publicity as we head into year two of hive.

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