Is Splinterlands Building Toward The Metaverse?

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I mean, what does that question even mean really?

The metaverse is clearly a great buzzword right now but is anyone sure what it really is?

Oh well! Let's speculate!

Has anyone else noticed the push toward stories, comic books, land, lore, NFT's that aren't usable in the game, developer expansion, constant talk of big plans beyond what we've seen, etc?

Screen Shot 20211206 at 9.26.02 PM.png

Splinterlands broke ground on the NFT gaming experience. They pushed forward with the rental market when no one else could. They were the overnight success three years in the making because they keep pushing boundaries.

At a time when me-too crypto games are popping up everywhere and failing, Splinterlands is succeeding because they've spent years laying the ground work. Now they seem to be laying the groundwork for the metaverse.

And in a few years when everyone is opening up in the metaverse with boring, cookie-cutter approaches, Splinterlands will smash it.

So, here's the question:

What would a Splinterlands Metaverse look like?

Could you meet your favorite monsters? Could you work the land or watch the battles play out in front of you while staring your opponent in the eye from across the battlefield? Could you visit the up coming comic book scenes? Grab a beer with your buddy Alric? Would it be built into Sandbox or Decentraland or built on their own?

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I'd love to hear some thoughts on this. Am I off base or are they planning something to take this whole thing to the next level and we should all be buying more SPS?

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I think so. I think that the are going to add layers to the gameplay and experience over the next few years.

Land will bring a whole new dimension to the game with workers and crafting.

After that the push could move towards more game modes, more open world settings.

The metaverse could take 5 to 10 years but I think that they are going to break boundaries.

So I'm looking at it on a sped up timeframe. I think 2022 is going to see a ton of work on the metaverse by the various platforms as well as tons of experiments coming out with greater complexities. At the same time I think we see the land expansion and the comic books and a direction for these NFT's coming out of splinterlands as well as the ramp up of all their new developers. If you put those together I'm thinking Splinterlands makes some Metaverse debut in mid 2023. Now how extensive and sophisticated that version is remains to be seen but I think they are going to push to be pioneers in the space.

I also think with all the hype going on right now, in about 2 years we're going to start seeing every company out there start to say "Visit us in the metaverse" at the end of their commercials in the same way they said visit our website in 2000 or visit us on facebook in 2008 or download our app in 2016. If I'm right, Splinterlands only has a small amount of time if they want it to matter when they do it.

The have gone on a big hiring push in the past few months so the team has expanded massively.
Land is the big release after chaos goes out so everything is tied to how well they launch that. Early 2022 is the plan.
Splinterlands is small but they have first mover advantage at the moment. They innovated a lot of things in the playtoearn space and that is not easy to do.

We will see a lot of the new games fall away in the next couple of years but splinterlands has the money and the community to keep going and be a real success.
We can all see where things are heading. It's just a matter of who does it first and best.

For me, the key to the metaverse is going to be interoperability.

So while Splinterlands might have their own digital world, success will come from being able to seamlessly move yourself and assets into other parts of the greater metaverse - Such as other digital world's built on Decentraland, the Sandbox, Facebook or wherever.

It always makes me laugh when you hear of single companies like Facebook building THE metaverse.

The reality is that it's just not going to work like that and the metaverse is going to be a ton of interconnected worlds that people can move between.

That's how I see it anyway ;)

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I agree that the metaverse is going to require interoperability and that's something that all of crypto is building toward regardless of metaverse, megaverse, or whatever it becomes known as. Also, there won't be a single winner in all of this even if there are some platforms that are much bigger than the rest.

I think the larger platforms are going to end up being like countries with their overarching set of DAO rules. Maybe setting up shop in Decentraland as opposed to your own private section of the metaverse you build yourself will be like setting up shop in a big established city vs being on the outskirts.

It's like having a facebook group or twitter account vs your own website that you have to build all the links to yourself.

Of course each platform/city/country will have its own DAO/Rules/Advantages/Disadvantages in the same way they do in "real life". At that point, interoperability becomes the prerogative of the DAO or builder and I think you'll have some platforms who either refuse to associate with certain others or put up roadblocks in the same way countries do today and people will accept those roadblocks for the same patriotic/fear reasons we put up with it now.

people gonna people.

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