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RE: Wanna Make It? Stack And Stake It

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Great advice, I have only been blogging on the blockchain since the end of February and I can already see the potential to stake everything, I havent cashed out once.

In saying that my earning have been modest but steadily growing because of grear content creators like yourself, who always churn out sound advice

I staked my first POB and LEO only a few weeks ago and I was chuffed with myself for getting to that point.

I will be setting myself some goals to aim for each month and one of them will be to improve my staking month on months.

Another great inspiring article, thank you for sharing.

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It really is amazing how fast you can grow your account if you stake everything. It also helps to not get discouraged by the negativity on a red day, because it enables you to focus on the gradual growth taking place.

Thanks for taking the time to read and leave a nice, kind response. I appreciate your support.

Have a good one.

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No bother I am grateful that I can engage easily when the content is helpful and inspiring, which is something you never fail to do, thank you for sharing great content and really appreciate the Luv, thats one step closer to being in a position to eventually share the Luv with others. Thanks

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