Last Phase of AFIT listing. Deposit AFIT to Digifinex to cast your vote & get AFITX airdrop!

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It was just a few days ago when we were trying to help @actifit get listed on Digifinex! And it seems that it worked out fine because the listing is now at the final stage :)


TL;DR Version

AFIT is about to get listed on Digifinex!
Your help is once more required and this is what needs to be done

  1. (If you have not already) - create an account using this link (Please note that this is a Referral link and you will also get a 2$ USDT deposited at your account as a gift
  2. Make a deposit of any crypto more than 50 USDT. This can be AFIT or any other token of your wish. NO K-Y-C required.
  3. Every valid deposit counts as one vote - when valid votes exceed 100, then AFIT will be listed!

Everyone who participates will get a share of 1800 AFITX.

You may withdraw your funds after May 18th, to still be eligible for the airdrop :)

You can always find more info and ask at the official post here


Here's how I did it :) Easily and in just a few steps!

I was wondering what was the best way to deposit the amount needed because I absolutely wanted to be of assistance! I still believe in the project and I am very happy to have been a part of it since the beginning.

What you will need if you wish to do it my way.

  • a MetaMask wallet
  • to have some AFIT on your BSC address in your Metamask wallet
    If you have participated in the airdrop a few of months ago, then you sure have some AFIT to use :)

Check out this older post by @libertycrypto27 here

I remembered having some AFIT in my metamask so I did the following steps


(Remember to use this link if you will sign up now - only your email is required)
Check out that you have received the 2$ deposited (not required but just a check)


2. Go to Deposit

Direct link for AFIT here:


You will have to generate an address before you can deposit.

After you have generated the address ... go to your MetaMask Wallet

3. Sign in MetaMask and go to the BSC Network

Sign in and then move to the BSC (Binance Smart Chain) - When you check your assets, you should see some AFIT tokens.

Click on AFIT and then send to get the 'enter address' mask - after you paste your address (copy it from digifinex) you will get a screen where you will have to input the amount of AFIT you wish to deposit. I deposited a bit more just to be sure - they say 350 AFIT but a little bit more would also be fine


4. Complete the transaction

You will need some BNB for the transaction fees and shortly after you will receive a confirmation both in your email and also on Digifinex!

5. That's it!



I really hope to see AFIT getting listed in DIGIFINEX, it will be a great reward both for the team what has worked so hard, and also for all the users who believed and still believe in this project.

Please note that this post is simply a guide for users who are not familiar with some actions. The post is not financial advise, please always do your own research and if you wish to invest money please talk with professionals. NFA - DYOR always, everywhere

About the Airdrop:

The airdrop will go over on digifinex, and they are keeping track of participating wallets
so users need to make sure they follow the guidelines, signing up via referral link and depositing at least 50 usdt worth of any crypto (or 350 AFIT)

Thank you for visiting my post, I will be happy to read your feedback below!

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this is a great move of Actifit which is continuously expanding
Thanks for the mention and for this useful and informative post ;)
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Thank you so much!

Hey @libertycrypto27, here is a little bit of BEER from @katerinaramm for you. Enjoy it!

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Registered and deposited.
I am waiting for airdrop.💪

I am very excited about it :)
Thanks for coming over!

Awesome! Question though, does this mean if one doesn't sign up using the provided referral link, he wouldn't be qualified for the AFITX airdrop? Thanks!

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Thank you, a great question!
@mcfarhat can you pls advise?
If someone has an account already in figurines, or did not use the link:

  • are they eligible for the airdrop?
  • does their vote count if they deposit the crypto required?

Thank you 🙏

Thank you and we'll wait for the response :) Cheers!

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Hello : )
I got a reply from Actifit Team.
The user needs to use the link & create a new account to be eligible for the airdrop.
Hope that's ok!
!LUV and thanks again for coming by to comment!

Oh, thank you for that :) Cheers!

Where AFITX will be airdropped? To Digifinex? or the wallet from which I will deposit to Digifinex?
I was planning to deposit from another exchange. So that way prolly my airdrop would get lost?

Airdrop will happen on digifinex, so you will receive the tokens on your wallet there.

Not sure about that. Thanks for asking!
@mcfarhat or @kpreddy could you pls advise?

Ah, it's a bit too bad that I don't have enough AFIT tokens from the airdrop. Is there a way to bridge AFIT tokens from Hive over to BSC? I don't think that was ever added.

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Oh that’s a pity! How much would you need to reach 350? Not sure if I can send you.
Reg sending afit on bsc, they are building a bridge but it is not ready yet..

I have 179 tokens but I was just taking a look at the price on google and it looks like 350 AFIT tokens would only be around $42. Are you sure 350 would be enough?

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I am not sure about the 350, I am asking the team right now.
If you want pls send me your bsc address on or on discord katerinaramm#7862 so that I can send you the remaining :) I will send you a little bit more just to make sure

Hey this is great news.

I wonder where all my actifit tokens are?

I think I may have left them all in the "other" blockchain since the people of HIVE didn't tend to love my "these are how many steps I took today" posts..


Looks like its time to give the sun a visit.

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Have you checked your wallet ? :)
Thanks for coming over, let me know if you have any questions!

Thank you, I hope that the coins will rise in price on the market, otherwise, mine are already gathering dust)

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Let’s hope it goes well!
Thanks for coming by!

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