TheForce.Trade Airdrop on CoinMarketCap - win up to 12 FOC

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During the time I wait for my giveaway to be concluded, there is an airdrop that came to my attention

CoinMarketCap has announced about TheForce.Trade Airdrop(By DuckDao & Bondly)

Participate in our TheForce.Trade Airdrop(By DuckDao & Bondly) airdrop, get up to 12 FOC.

Even though it is a very new project, and to be honest I find it not to be very legit (missing some information that I cannot find) - I would not mind being among the 1000 persons who will win 12 FOC


The actions were very easy

  • follow twitter
  • follow telegram channel
  • retweet post
  • give bsc address and twitter/tele handle

Today we can also check the results of this airdrop


And remember ..

It's the little things sometimes .. that matter


Thank you again for dropping by, feel free to share your thoughts below!

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FOC, those tokens are dirty!

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