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RE: CUB: Ditching the Simplistic Tokenomics

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This is a great write up! Few understand the reason for CUB's (EGG, and all the others) decline and this is exactly why. We figured out early on from watching EGG evolve that this model wasn't very sustainable.

Our goal since then has been to develop a new system. While complex (Kingdoms - autocompounding, ongoing management fees and revenue share to the CUB Kingdom Den), it introduces tokenomics that are sound and allow us to evolve and grow CUB's offerings.

Kingdoms will introduce a lot of new opportunities for pooling on CUB and earning with Autocompounding and composable farming contracts. After that, staking and our Polygon platform will become the main focus. Down the line, we'll work on incoporporating other exciting DeFi features like synthetic assets, lending and even prediction markets.

DeFi is an exciting landscape. Great things take time to evolve but I think the payoff down the line for LEO and CUB is going to be massive.

Would you mind if we utilize your infographics in some Leo content? We'll put credit in the description, if you're okay with it. Let me know! 🦁

p.s. welcome to LeoFinance. Glad Trumpman brought you on board.

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Thank you! That's quite the roadmap you got for CUB, it'll be a hectic, bumpy ride but the ultimate payoff will be enormous, and most importantly worth work!

Would you mind if we utilize your infographics in some Leo content?

Absolutely, you have my go-ahead.

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