Are You Ready?

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This week is going to be super exciting. There are two big things that are happening at @leofinance! First, the release of the new UI on February 14! Then, the next day, we have #lpud! Are you excited yet?

Are you ready, Lions? Get those diamond Paws ready! In just four short days, another #lpud will be upon us!

You know the drill: On February 15, simply power up all the LEO you can!

The Leo Power Up Day is a great opportunity to grow your stake!. You can also receive a delegation from the LPUD sponsors:

20k from @leofinance
20k from @leofinance
20k from @leofinance
10k from @edicted
10k from @investing-dude
10k from @bitcoinflood and @anomadsoul
10k from @leomarkettalk, @taskmaster4450 & @lbi-token
8k from @alexvan & @leogrowth
6k from @steemstreems, @simplifylife & @forexbrokr
5k from @jongolson & @mcoinz79
5k from @whatsup, @scaredycatguide & silversaver888

For more information read the last announcement post!

So, come on all you diamond pawed lions, let's make this the best #lpud, yet!


Thanks for stopping by!

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Check your discord messages mate!

We cannot wait enough...

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Don't forget the 2nd Monthly Meet and Greet! Wednesday at 12 pm. A place for new users to come and meet each other and the team!

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!gif power

Happy LPUD!

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