My Birthday Month Goals! Hive, Leo, & Cub!

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So, it’s my birthday month, so I just thought it would be a great time to track and analyze my earnings- and set some goals. I’m gonna be tracking my Hive, Leo, and Cubdefi accounts.


First, the granddaddy token. In a couple months, I’ll have 4 years on the Hive (Steem) Blockchain. I’ve had both failures and successes here, but I’ve enjoyed every minute. I’ve never been so bullish on Hive’s future, really!

Throughout the years, I’ve built a pretty nice stake. Currently, most of my stake is delegated, so I’m growing at a slower pace. But, I think it’s reasonable to see it at, at least 105k.



Now, for my favorite community, @Leofinance! This is where i delegate most of my Hive to earn a nice ~16% return, paid in Leo! It is because of this, I fully expect to have around 25k staked, by the end of May.



Cubdefi is the new cub on the block. I have high hopes for this platform! It’s a great addition to the @leofinance conglomerate 😎😎. By the end of May, #leobridge and #kingdoms should be poppin, so I expect Cub at $5+, and for my account to rise, significantly!


So, these are my goals for my birthday month. I think they are more than doable!

Thanks for stopping by!

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I'm on a very similar route.
Hive + Leo + wLeo + bLeo + Cub + POB.
Since May 2016.

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I’m trying to build my POB as well. It looks interesting and has a lot of potential!

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It's that your goals are your own. Don’t let the people that say “you can’t” cloud your judgement.

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Happy fellow May birthday!

Happy Birthday Month To You.


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