Proof You Can Still Buy Cheap Leo

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Today, for some reason or another @baconface decided to SELL lots of LEO.

While LeoMaker was able to pick up most of the "on sale Leo" other people were able to pick some up as well.

I saw some familiar names there and am glad that the leo is going to strong hands.

There were more than a few things to celebrate

  1. someone (@baconface) was able to cash out a profit

  2. Someones were able to pick up cheap leo

  3. the market was able to survive a dump

  4. the system is working!

Congratulations to those who bought on sale, and let's keep going.

You are still here at the right time.

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It's so nice to know can buy Leo for cheap. I put a limit order for 0.1 per Leo. I checked hive-engine but still not go through !

You might be waiting for a long time.

Flash sales like this do occur, but they take a while.

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The buy wall is not so strong right now, you may just get your wish.

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I heard you mentioned about boost, is that the points you get each time you make a posts, comment or just logging in ?
I have 9000 points, $19.20. I not sure if this is what you mean !

Hello my beautiful @metzli friend, how are you doing and your family.

I am having interest in this Leo. How does it work? Because I don't have any idea on it. Then if I want to invest in it how can I ?
Thanks for you visited to my blog.

Go to

Sign on using the same keys as you use on hive

You are in.

Use that site to write your first article.

Take screen shots of
Your wallet, and you probably already have many rewards available because you have commented on posts that have this tag.

Share with us what you find.

Start blogging about anything finance related through and then your blogging can warn hive and Leo:

Do it!!

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Thank you my beautiful friend. Doing that right now

Done that friend.

I clicked on a place I circled and it brings those listed, little explanation on it please? Because I don't understand it yet.

This is my wallet you ask me to screenshot.

This is my WhatsApp number below if the explanation might be to long here on +2348071413820. I will love to see your beautiful face when you WhatsApp me😀🤦🤦🤦🤦 if possible. Thanks

Yes much to my surprise I managed to pick up 500, wish I had put on a larger order now!

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It opens up for opportunities to build a stronger buy wall.

I saw the prices going down earlier and didn't dream that they would keep dumping.

I didn't buy any, but I am more excited by how fast we recovered from a sell off than anything.

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It was quite the dump! Nice opportunity. My latest low buy orders haven't gone through though!

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I would have never dreamed of being able to buy LEO cheaply these days. But that won't take long. If anyone still sells LEO under 0.17 HIVE I would love to buy it.

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It got all the way down to 0.03

Someone could have easily gone almost x10 in just one day.


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I haven't seen this, it's really surprising. If only I could seize the opportunity at that moment.

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The opportunity is still here! You stacking?

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I aim to stake a similar amount of LEO this week. As long as it's at these prices, I can do this every week.

I waited for a long time to increase my LEO power, I must not miss these opportunities.

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Wow!Look at you.


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So this is why Leo price is down today. I bet it was just an speculator getting rid of his bag.

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All the way down to 0.03 - but the buy wall is not so strong.

Another small sell off and lots of leo can be had for cheap.

Have you put a buy order in yet?

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No, I don’t have any sell order but I bought back in the days together with miner tokens.

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Its still growing :)
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