You Too Can Be A Crypto Millionaire HBD for the WIN

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This is your reminder, that we are in a marathon, not a sprint.

Its easy to remember $3000 Bitcoin and get mad at ourselves.

Its easy to read about someone who bought Hive at 0.13USD and feel like we missed out

Its easy to feel like we are too late.

But we are not.

Take a look at that graphic.

If you have 100 HBD today. And add $50 to it every month for the next 30 years. You will have $1,207,094 HIVE at the end of 30 years.

Many of us here have 30 years left

Many of us here have the ability to scrounge up 100 HBD

Many of us here have the earning potential of 50 HBD per month.

The opportunity is there for the taking.

Are you joining me to millionaire status slowly and surely

Or are you gambling and chasing that "big" win.

Both can be right.

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To the "Millionaire" status, we go! Let's do this! ❤️

Simply start by putting 100 HBD into the Hive Savings.

Then you are on your way.

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That is actually a very great future prospect and it gives hope!!

Thank you.

When you must take 1,000,000 steps, you sometimes forget how far you are getting.

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That´s true! Let´s see where we are in 30 years! ;)

How's it going today?

Stacking your HBD yet?

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Yeah! :D I always stake everything I earn with my posts! :) How about you?

I’m staking.

I hadn’t blogged for a while so I had to wait 7 days to see the posts trickling in

Yeah well but you started again now so that´s great!! :) I wish you alot of success! !PIZZA

Yes it does. That is out there for all of us. Cryptocurrency really opens the door for many.

Now it is just a matter of getting the HBD in there.

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500 comments a day is a great start.

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Per person? That is a lot of typing. lol

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Its just an arbitrary number...engage is the solution.

It is a good number. We will start pushing it.

Actually if we had a dozen doing 500 per week, we would be at a wonderful level.

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This shows just how simple it is.

20% on a stablecoin is just ridiculously good.

You'd be mad not to do this!

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It is surely a great opportunity

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Few realize, historically, how powerful a 20% return truly is.

That means we all can achieve enormous numbers in about a decade (or 3).

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To the millionaire, I'm with you

Have you started stacking your HBD yet?

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I have 245 hp. But only some HBD savings. I try see which one I can sell first. Then save regularly like monthly, perhaps 30 HBD. I think it's much harder to commit. Once you start and try few months, it gets easier !

Do not worry about speed.

Back in 2018 my very first goal was being able to have 60 STEEM POWER (were were on that blockchain then) so that my upvote could be worth 0.02 USD

Now I want to have enough HIVE POWER (and second layer coins) that one of my upvotes can pay the California Minimum wage of $15 USD.

I will get there.

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I think it's much harder to commit.

Like anything, how badly do you want it. If it is strong enough, it is easy. The model is there, just follow it.

Success is simple but not easy unless one throughs all of him or herself in.

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Simple but not easy seems to be a common thread.

Its not easy blogging for 0.32 payouts, but its those payouts that stack and build your base layer.

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Its not easy blogging for 0.32 payouts, but its those payouts that stack and build your base layer.

That is true. However, if one couples that with commenting, the amounts of payouts will increase over time.

Plus how much does one get on a wordpress blog? So we are rewriting the script.

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I just boosted this on ecency. Let's see what happens. Spent 150 points.

What does the boost do in theory?

I think it gets more eyes on my content...

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The ecency boost got me an upvote - I liked their interface a lot so I gave them a small delegation.

I am looking for 10% growth on my HIVE POWER and they are paying that too me in liquid HIVE, plus I get to keep my 2% automatic HIVEPOWER growth rate.

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Hmm, I used to get around 9-13% curation APR, but now I see that it's at 5.68%. I haven't done any maintenance to my trails. I'll leave it a week and then if it's still the same rate, I'll start playing with my trails until I get something I like I guess.

I'll research this Ecency boost. Do you need to delegate to get it?

I'm also paying attention to stablecoin APYs. HBD has 20%, pHBD-USDC on polycub has like 46%, and there's also "cubdefi" which is just the BSC cub which has 4belt (another stablecoin) at 19% (ranges from 14-20).

I don't buy more hive but keep the one I have and also try to optimize a bit, but the yields for it don't seem to be here sadly. Maybe I'll also delegate to Ecency.

I’m a little behind on polycub.

I have cub so I hope I have an airdrop ready to claim.

Hhmmmm I didn't even think there could be an airdrop. I have very little cub though. Like 300 that I've claimed from random yields here and there and staked cuz why not. I've also sold a lot of it before because it's how I cash out the returns and compound them on top.

I really like defi yields but I'm permanently scared of random exploits, price dumps or bank runs.

Someday I guess I'll lose money from all my high risk investments lol. All my money is staked somewhere!

It would be nice to get this article optimized so it brings in organic traffic.

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Give the suggestions here and I will update - tweet - and add to my pinterest account.

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It would help to spell it properly. LOL

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Hahah - I was just double checking it

Easy to do. Have to be precise. I had to check your name once too. I missed the 't'.

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From which web site did you get the picture for the cover image? I'm no spring chicken, so I need to figure out which numbers to use in order to end up with over USD 1M (after tax).

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Let me know what numbers you come up with - it is always fun to compare.

From what I saw, its not the 100 HBD that you start with Nor the $50 per month that makes a difference, its the 20% and the 30 YEARS.

When I crunched the numbers for 15 years, they were disappointing in more ways than one. Just to exceed USD 1M, this is what I need to do:

Initial Deposit5,000
Investment Time Span23 Years
Estimated Rate of Return20.00%
Compound FrequencyMonthly

It's a big difference between an initial deposit of 100 and one of 5K. Even with the numbers shown here, I save only 7 years rather than 15 years.

Using your numbers but change years from 30 down to 23 gives you "only" USD 298,786.

It's the extra years which are needed for the math to work its magic.

Whether for 23 years or 15 years, it's possible to reach USD 1M; it's just more difficult with less years.

Lesson to the children out there: to reach USD 1M using only 100 for an initial deposit and a monthly deposit of 50 and monthly compounding over 30 years, start young!!

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I went out to 40 years and saw myself leaving true, generational wealth.

Remember, you don't plant the tree for your own enjoyment.

To exceed USD 1M using an initial deposit of USD 100 and a monthly contribution of USD 50 for 15 years, I would need a rate of return of 44.25%.

This is doable, but not so easy since that's not a normal APR for savings. This is where crypto's reputation for volatility enters the picture.

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44.25 percent - We can find that. . .

(after tax)

Just find the tax loophole.

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(after tax)

Just find the tax loophole.

Or a sugar daddy/sugar momma/Old World oligarch.

Seriously, the tax loop is easier.

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You have always championed the "HBD"!!
Yes, yes I'm with you
Heading for the millionaire club :D

See you there!

I don't think it will take me 30 years - but I am definitely going in that direction.

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Play with the numbers and set the plan. There are obviously ways to shortcut it like adding more each month or with greater frequency.

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Wise words. I very much believe that we're still very early with anything crypto, Bitcoin included, and NFTs. Bitcoin/crypto started Jan 2009 (check Ever since it had been, "I wish I would have gotten in a year ago!" !LUV

@crrdlx(1/4) gave you LUV. wallet | market | tools | discord | community | <><

I stopped wishing, and started HODLing. Every time I wish I had more, I remind myself that I have what I have and that it will double in value soon.

I am happy to be a part of the disruption of the "old" wealth system.

The only thing you can do is get in today.

Cant mull over what we missed. Simply have to get going with what is ahead of us.

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Well said. The best time to plant a tree was... I think you know the rest. (I appreciate what you do by the way.) !LUV

@crrdlx(3/4) gave you LUV. wallet | market | tools | discord | community | <><

Yep. Old sayings are old for a reason.

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Wow, really interesting! I can't imagine 30 years down the road! Things will change so much as they have in the last 30 years. Will be interesting to see!

I think I can't imagine 30 years down the road either... but that will only make my youngest 31, and that's not very old at all.

For her sake, let's manifest her Momma being a millionaire.

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Yes but you can picture 20 since it was just "yesterday" that you were 20.

As we age, it seems to move faster.

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My youngest would be 32! 😄

If you are going to be around in 30 years, you will have some financial state. The question is rich or poor.

This article shows the potential. It is not a complex path to follow.

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the funny thing is that this is also a gamble, the 20% is not sustainable, i'd be surprised if it holds for a year nevermind 30, in addition, you're getting devalued based on the inflation rate of the underlying asset the USD so in 30 years that million isn't going to be worth more than $200k today purchasing power

It is absolutely a gamble.

But the 20% is sustainable - if we continue to grow.

1,000,000 USD in 30 years will still be 1,000,000. Some of us (me) have 638,000$ mortgages because that is just what it costs to live here - we aren't considered well off, and moving would turn our "high paying" jobs into "normal paying jobs"

And there is nowhere else that is not crypto or defi that is paying anywhere close to 20%

Except my home of course - I bought for 650,000 last june, and its "worth" 800,000 now. Come the market crash though, the mortgage will still stand.

We need 20% HBD to be sustainable and a worthy gamble if we are going to get out from under "the man"

So ... 100 HBD, with 50 HBD earnable through blogging and other means... great gamble.

Remember, for me a $50HBD per month gamble means one take out meal PER WEEK.

Nice to see you around. I didn't even know I missed you and your "dark cloud of reality"

Yay! 🤗
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Hey there - just delegated some HP to

Let’s keep growing.

Thanks for the boost.

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An ecency boost, give you an upvote.

Now we know.

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I've been squirling away HBD in savings when it was 12%, now that's it's 20% all the more squirling!

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