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RE: Two Steps for Making Investment Decisions

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You know what i think cat. I think for now on i'm going to invest in myself. Invest in my own crypto i can control.. I followed you guys up the mountain of the $250k bitcoin.. then i followed you all in doge coin.. i followed you all on ethereum.. Now you all want me to do this defi cubfinance stuff. well i think i'm going my own direction now. i'm going my own way.. i'm going to do it my way".

i keep messing you guys i'm going to lose my girlfriend and my dog.

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LMAO! I did not jump on with the followers of doge train, heck no. Luckily I jumped on with RUNE. And yeah, come on the cubdefi train, it is only getting better. More platforms, more offerings, more earnings. Not investment advice ;-)

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