HIVE wins most innovative crypto product at ADVFN awards.

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ADVFN International Financial Awards 2021

ADVFN is a financial markets & crypto site providing financial tools and data to individual investors around the world.


They have just released their 7th annual list of winners for awards recognising outstanding progress across the global financial industry.

If you look at the list you will see big names who have been acknowledged.

  • The best crypto exchange global - Bittrex global
  • Best mainstream media crypto coverage - Forbes
  • Best market insight and analysis - Regency Capital
  • The best decentralized exchange - Pancake Swap
  • Best crypto exchange North America - Coinbase

And among all of these top names and big brands covering 56 different financial sectors we can see that #hive has been picked as the most innovative crypto product for it's beginnings, diversity and use case.


Hive was founded by a diverse group of community members, developers and investors. Contributors to Hive come from every part of the world, every walk of life, and are united by a shared common vision and love of decentralized blockchain technology and innovation. Hive is not based in any specific jurisdiction and is truly a global project.


This is a massive achievement.

That it huge recognition for a chain just one year old that has had to do a lot of work over the past 12 months.

This is terrific marketing as I searched the awards and found it mentioned across some top publications such as

  • The cryptonomist
  • Coininsider
  • Londonnewstime
  • Financemagnates

and many more. This is great publicity for the chain and very positive attention. Building a recognized brand takes time so receiving awards and getting the hive brand into major publications is a huge positive for our eco-system.

For a full list of winners you can check out the webisite below:
ADVFN Awards

This next 12 months are going to massively shape the future of hive as a blockchain and as an eco-system so lets all do what we can to spread a positive message. Grow our community and build more use case on hive.

we are just entering a growth phase and so lets make the most of it.

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It is amazing to see how much progress Hive had made in just one year.
If you ask me, it's still a kid and have a lot of potential to grow like a man
Congratulations to everyone involved, not just the developers, but all the content creators as well.
Everyone is contributing here.


This is just year one of the project. From here we will create a base for others to build on and see real growth going forward. It's going to be exciting.

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This is much deserved, and congratulations!
I agree, this is a massive achievement. Most people that are avid consumers of the publications mentioned are always on the hunt for the next big thing, and getting HIVE in the spotlight can be nothing other than good.

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It's an award combined with free publicity across a lot of different countries including some asian publications that are popular.

This is a great result and will get more eyes on hive as well as to establish our brand within the crypto community.

Some very positive news with this today. It can only be a good thing.

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One of the few block chains that are actually doing something. So many of these others are stagnate and limited on what they can do as their blockchain is not adaptable.

We all know this as we can see what is being built every single day on hive. What is great about this is that others will see it and want to delve deeper into what is going on.
Then they find spinterlands and other games. See @leofinance and cubdefi. Read articles there and see more.

It all points in the right direction and can be used to get more eyes on what we have here. Then hopefully we will get more investment and more building from that.

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When this was submitted for it was such a longshot and it's great to see that we've as an entire ecosystem have been recognized by the ADVFN alongside other big shots like you've said and have won.

As we have said in the past. You might have to talk to 50 groups before finding one that will work out. This might have been a long shot but unless hive is entered into the ring it never stands a chance.

The more people that we reach out to. The more contacts that we build. The larger that we can grow the community and eco-system and the bigger that we can grow the hive brand then the more growth and recognition that we will see.

It pays to enter as many as possible. To apply for as many listings as possible and see which can become winners. Nicely done with this one and hopefully it can gain us some positive publicity as we head into year two of hive.

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It's not like I'm surprised but it definitelly adds up.

What a nice time and place to be part of.

Fun times.

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I'm loving the attention that Hive has been able to capture in the last few weeks. To the moon!

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Things are moving along nicely at the moment. The main thing is to keep working together and keep it going.

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this is the reason behind the prices up today, this is wonderful.

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It could be a big part of it. This is a big enough award and one that will catch the attention of some people. Combined with all the positive news lately around hive it is a good week.

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It's nice to see that the crypto world slowly but surely recognizes the merits of this blockchain!

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This is only 12 months on. Give it 12 more and see where we are.

Great news!!! I honestly think that HIVE has a very nice ecosystem, I also think it is a blockchain that is still undervalued by many today.

There is something here for everybody and it is just growing larger every month. It is very undervalued but that will change over time. The trick is to keep stacking until it does.

of course! We are here to stay. I try to create content and I keep myself informed with all the posts that run on HIVE

Awesome news indeed! Hope this is the start of more publicity and recognition for Hive.

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There is a big marketing push starting soon so this can certainly help it. Might even be good for @lordbutterfly to pass this on to the team and use it in the campaigns.

This is big for HIVE! Thanks for sharing

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It's great to see it.

we are the champions!!!

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Yes. Yes we are.

That really a great news for us.

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All positive news.

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Amazing! Love it

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It's great news and should get people excited. It shows that someone os paying attention and recognizes the potential that we have here.

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Is this reason behind hive rally ???

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Couldn't say but it probably helped. All the buying pressure was in asia.

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We should be winning a lot more of these rewards. This is seriously some of the best tech on the planet...

Glad to see Hive winning an award great growth just beginning