Learn the basics of SEO. Search engine optimization.

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What is SEO? Learning the basics.

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SEO or search engine optimization is a key component of creating popular content.

It is the system that organizes content on popular search engines and decides what will show up on your feed when you look for specific topics or to answer your questions.

How your content ranks in terms of SEO will decide how far down the list your it will appear when certain relevant terms are searched for.

This article will look at.

  • Why SEO is important.
  • Creating a post outline.
  • The purpose of Keywords.
  • Create a chain of backlinks.

Basic but important tips for improving you SEO rating among the search engines.

Why SEO is important.

The majority of internet users in the world are there for information. To get this information, the quickest and easiest way is to google search for it using a few relevant words.

The more specific that you can be, the better your results should be. Therefore to capture the most traffic you need to write your content in such a way as they match the searches that people are looking for. If your content can match those specific searches then it will appear closer to the top of the list.

The more established sites will rank higher up the list as they have already build a strong SEO presence over years of operation so therefore anything that you are trying to do should be targeted at specific topics that might not appear in those established sites.

Look at this article on how one user brought almost 9k views to their site.

Finguru: My Articles Got 8.9K Page Views To LeoFinance From Google

This is a very good use of correct SEO practices to bring large numbers of views to a lower ranked site.

Creating a post outline.

The shape of the post plays a big part of it's search engine ranking. It might seem complicated but setting up a structured post will help your rankings.

A good tip or idea is to create your own post template offline that has the basic SEO components already set up and make it easier to fill in the content for each new post while reducing the workload.

  • Post title. ( Relevant to the words that people are searching.
  • Post header that links to the title.
  • Use correct layout in terms of H1,H2,H3.
  • Keep your article short and relevant.
  • Add photos and links from other sites.
  • Link back to your own previous content to build a network of posts.

The purpose of Keywords.

Keywords are specific works used in your content that is matched to the search terms.

If a person is searching for "Chocolate cake recipes", then a search should bring up content containing the words Chocolate, cake, recipes rather than articles about cars, engines and repair.


This article for example will not be very successful in terms of capturing searches as all of the content is generic and will be pushed down the rankings by similar content hosted on more established sites with a higher degree of SEO integrated to the content.

My next article however will reference back to this and hopefully by writing about a more niche subject the content should rank a lot higher for specific searches.

Maybe along the lines of, How to download and install Keplr wallet for cosmos blockchain," should have a lot less competition from sites such as medium and writers digest.

Therefore to rank at the top of the page for searches about "Cosmos, wallet, Keplr, blockchain", and combinations of those terms would be a lot easier than for learning SEO and while it's a more niche subject it should yield a lot more views as your content will appear a lot higher up the list and for more related searches.

Create a chain of backlinks.

It's not enough to just write great one of content. While that is a goal it is also important to tie that content to newer content and keep it relevant in the listings.

Why are backlinks important?

Backlinks are very important for SEO as they give an indication to Google that another resource finds your content valuable. They are like votes from another website that showcases that your content is valuable and useful.
[Ref: Mygreatlearning.](https://www.mygreatlearning.com/blog/seo-backlinks/ rel=”nofollow”)

From doing my research it appears that even by using backlinks that there are further factors in how much they will help your content.

  • Positioning on your page.
  • Number of links used.
  • Traffic volume of these links.
  • Rating of the sites where the links come from.
  • Internal backlinks.

There are lots of ways to link your content to other sites once it has been released and this will play a huge part in it being seen by other people.

It's about creating a better information based layout for your content and then trying to get that content linked to as many other places as possible.

For full disclosure this is my first foray into SEO and all of it is a learning curve. My older content has only been generating dozens of views through Google so it will be easy to see if there is a discernable impact on this number going forward now that i will be trying to format my work better.

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I'm happy to see this type of post on SEO. I originally found steem 5 years ago looking for backlink power for my websites. SEO brought me onto the chain and it is pretty much what I wrote about in the beginning but my posts fell on deaf ears and blind eyes. SEO is sooooooo helpful for us

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This is my first real look at the subject in some time and i am a total amateur.

The good news is that the only way is up from here. I tried out the link that finguru left in their post on successful SEO and found that my 90 day averages from google were 5 - 20 page views.

This is just embarrassing and will make me learn how to manage it properly. I won't be happy until i can multiply this 10x. Luckily the numbers are so crap that it should be easy.

Not for every blog post but if i can even write one researched niche post a week and try to optimize it then i will get those numbers up.

Hopefully a few of us can try to learn together and help out leofinance in any small way that we can.

Any help that you have, will help us all out.

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The more I see these posts the more I’m more aware of things to look out for. I’m writing a Seo rich post or I’m making an attempt too. Let’s see how it goes.

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It's just one more thing that we can learn for ourselves.
That's why i love being on hive and trying new things every day. Especially when they are useful skills to have on your record like content optimization.

You can have a look here to see how much traffic that you have drawn form google in the past few months.


I will try to learn a few more parts over the next week or so and set up a template for myself.

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I absolutely despise having to think about SEO when I write for my sidegig, so I completely ignore it on HIVE and just let it come naturally - it is obviously really useful, but as someone who loves writing, I don't like thinking about it at all 😂


I get that.

My job used to be very physical so i loved coming home and going on the computer for a change of pace.

My girlfriend worked in tax from a computer and as soon as work was over wanted to get outside and do some exercise.

For a business it's a very useful tool but as a writer you just want to forget about the technical side and the profits to enjoy letting the words flow.

You can freewrite if your trying to set a specific structure to your work.

I am full time crypto now and that is powered by hive so for me i want to try to grow the token price and expand our reach. It's for growth and not for fun with work like this.

For fun i would go back to writing fiction and short stories.

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Run a website for the job and did quite a bit of work around SEO. The goalposts change regularly with Google. It's some industry.

I'll have to et some tips form you going forward.
It's a topic that i want to learn a little bit more about and just try to improve my work a little bit every week.

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Great work

I think learning about SEO is great because it benefits everyone. It's good for us individually as authors because it gives us more visibility but it's also great for LeoFinance and everyone in this community since it can help to drive more and more traffic to us.


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With the latest post by the leo team on revenue sharing with the community it will benefit all of us if we can increase page views and bring in more organic traffic.

If we all make a little effort as a community to bring in more views it will add up a lot over time and drive up the earnings which again comes back to all of us.

It's a win win.

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100% agreed

My last article is about that and I linked to this post by the way hehe

I think learning SEO basics is something everyone should do because more traffic means more ad revenue which mean more LEO power for us all

Great tips my mate. You have covered all the important basics of SEO.

I hope the culture on Leo Finance and Hive changes a bit and we all will start to use these strategies to bring organic traffic from search. Optimized content works wonders in long term! :')

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Well you're the master at the moment.
We are just the students.

Hopefully over time we can get 100 authors to create optimized content and build up a big portfolio of work.

It was never a priority before as the incentives were not there for people to put in the work but with the latest revenue sharing scheme there is every incentive to create better content and drive up ad revenue.

It's something that i have asked for from the tribes for the past three years and i am delighted to see leo take that idea and run with it.

I think that there are even more ways to improve on this and motivate the community to take part in better practices as well as teach more users how to do it. I might do up a post on the subject today or tomorrow and lay them out.

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Haha mate. Even I am a student like you and the others. It's just that my posts clicked, could happen to anyone.

Keep sharing whatever you learn. It would definitely helps us change the culture. I am so happy that we are discussing all these things once again. With Leo Ads mechanics in play now, we have a good reason to attract more outside audience to Leo Finance.

The more we optimize out content, the more traffic we can generate in long term. 🔥

Looking forward to your post! Cheers!

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Well I wanted to write about this before but good that you have covered the topic.
Good work.

I would love to find more content about it if you have the chance.

I am just a beginner in the topic and want to learn everything that i can to improve my performance.

There is always room for more posts on SEO. It will be a big focus going forward.

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Solid information in this one man, thanks for putting it together. I'm going to be using backlinks a bit more frequently from now on.

Have a good one!

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This is mostly me trying to learn good practices to use going forward but if i can lay it out for others then even better.

I'll keep digging deeper into the subject and try to make a big improvement on my google rankings by the summer.

If we can all do a little bit then it should add up nicely.

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I only post a couple of times a week, but I really appreciate learning more about SEO

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I try to post once a day where i can but a lot of that content is internally focused on the people already here and the apps attached to the community.

Where I will try to improve will be to do an external post every one or two weeks that dives into something outside of the eco-system or that might attract external users into leo through a search engine.

  • How to install metamask.
  • What is telos blockchain.
  • Top five playtoearn games.

Just those typr of subjects that people are searching for to learn more about crypto.

Time is always the biggest issue as these all require more effort and research than the generic posts that i mostly make about finance and splinterlands.

Hopefully over time i can improve my skills by doing this.

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There are things I need to work on to make my post more SEO friendly but I still think just having an outline is better. I should probably work more on backlinking more content.

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

I think that an outline is a good place to start.

Heading 2.
Main body.
Heading 3.
Backlinks to older content.

Something simple but effective over time.

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wow. powerful stuff. Thanks for the primer.

I tried doing some basic SEO before when I made a couple websites, but what u cover here is more thorough.

This is just the most basic version that i have found for or community.

I will try to learn a bit more over the next few weeks and see if we can make it quicker and easier for everybody to work with.

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"An old school chum of mine not long ago said that SEO is even more important than the quality of the content itself :) it was a real revelation to me! That would be great to know how SEO works especially using a number of marketing tools https://rush-analytics.com/marketing-tools. Thanks!

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