TradingDojo #3: Airdrop Alert - AscendEx is welcoming $XCAD on it's platform with a $5 - $30 Airdrop on July 15th!

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Happy Friday, crypto junkies!

This morning, I received an email from AscendEx exchange regarding a mini airdrop taking place soon.

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To welcome $XCAD to their exchange, they are airdropping between $5 - $30 USDT worth of $XCAD tokens. Snapshot end and distribution date are both on July 15th - only 6 days away.

These rewards are distributed on a first-come, first-serve basis, so sign up fast!


  • AscendEx exchange account
  • Telegram

... and that’s it!

To sign up, simply do the following:

  • View the AscendEx Google Form found here.
  • Input your AscendEx account email in form field #1.
  • Enter your Telegram account (@Username).
  • Click Submit - you’re done!


Once your completed form has been submitted, you’re now eligible to receive between $5-$30 USDT worth of $XCAD tokens when the distribution takes place on July 15th.

One last thing: in order to claim your airdrop, you’ll need to buy and hold at least 2x the amount of airdrop received in $XCAD tokens, in order to unlock your tokens. Airdropped tokens will be credited to your account as $XCADLCK and released once you hold 2x or more.

Anyone that doesn’t do this within 3 days will forfeit their airdrop rewards, according to AscendEx.

Take advantage of this airdrop - every little bit adds up. I’ll be sharing more airdrops in the future, as well as other awesome crypto goodies!

Happy Coinhunting,
Gh0st | @TradingDojo / @nulledgh0st

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Reblogging for the front page rotating feed on! Great job hunting down all of these airdrops!

Thanks man! Greatly appreciated.

And of course - I hope everyone is snagging these up, because they are definitely providing some nice extra coinage!

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