This Is Why I Like Diesel Pools on HIVE!

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In this short post, I would like to share with you a few reasons why I like Diesel pools here on HIVE for providing liquidity! If you are not familiar with what they are, you should check this link Now, there is another website that uses the same data, but it looks a bit more user-friendly and with some extra data at your disposal... It's The screenshots that you will see inside this post are made from it...

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So, back to Diesel pools... Why they are different than other Defi platforms out there, for example, Polycub? Firstly, anyone can create a pool if pays the fee... You don't have to ask for permission or pay some huge amounts of money to do that...

Secondly, there is no "STAKING" in Dieselpools... You just provide liquidity to the pool and that's it... Another important difference is that every pool has SEPARATE rewards that can be added by the pool creator, or any other person! There is no centralized (mining, or platform-native) token, and rewards can be in multiple tokens!

And thirdly, the thing that I wanted to highlight in this post is EXCHANGE FEEs! To explain how it works, I will show you my personal example... On the screenshots above, you can see my position in the SWAP.HIVE:DEC liquidity pool... I'm not an owner of that pool, I'm just one of the liquidity providers, and as you can see, one of the smaller ones as my percentage in the pool is only 0.443%. Also, you can see that I have 48799.444 "shares" in the pool, and that number changes when you add or remove liquidity...

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Just to mention one important thing... Adding and removing liquidity don't have fees and you can do it whenever you want it... On the other side, if you SWAP tokens, there is a small fee for doing that, which is distributed among liquidity providers! Rewards are clearly stated on the Beeswap website when you check your pools, but FEEs are a bit more complicated to calculate... You can find FEEs on Tribaldex and calculate them manually, but there are no specific numbers for your provided liquidity...

In my example, you will notice that number of shares is the same as I didn't add or removed liquidity between 2 screenshots! Also, I have done the second screenshot after exactly 1 hour after the first one... So, there are a few price fluctuations inside, but not that much...

If you pay attention to the rights side of the image, you will see that my total worth of pooled assets is $2018.

Screenshot from 2022-05-12 16-58-24.png

After an hour, that number went up to $2047, which means that my "stake" is worth $29 more after just an hour (just a clarification... I did screenshots when the big announcement about DEC future peg was published)! As I said, part of that is fees that have been added to both pooled assets (in my case DEC and SWAP.HIVE), but also the price change of them... If you look closer, you will see that I have more HIVE and fewer DEC tokens, which means that DEC tokens went up more than HIVE...

Screenshot from 2022-05-12 17-57-44.png

To show you that things can go in another way around, I have made a third screenshot after over 6 hours... Price of HIVE went a bit down in the meantime, and DEC left less stable, but the total value in USD went down... That is a normal thing for liquidity pools and it's that "scary" thing called impermanent loss...

Screenshot from 2022-05-13 00-03-27.png

Even if I didn't add HIVE and DEC to the pool, HIVE price would go down and I would "lose value" in USD! By adding it to the pool, I have accumulated more HIVE and DEC in the meantime + earned additional rewards on top of it!

When I pick in which pool I want to invest, I'm trying to find the one where I can provide 2 assets that I want to accumulate! Two assets that I don't mind in which direction will go their price as I'm focused on accumulation! In that way, the impermanent loss doesn't matter at all!

This is not financial advice or such... It's just my way of doing investments in liquidity pools... Do your own research before making any decisions!

Thank you for your valuable time,


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With the way things are going these pools will be the only diesel I can afford pretty soon. !LOL

Hahahaha... True, true... I was at a gas station 3 days ago... wasn't a pleasant experience at all! :)


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Not the good thing when gas fees in real life give you the same emotions as gas fees in crypto. !LOL !LUV !PIZZA

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You will be mist.

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The next day she locked me in the cellar

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Didn't try diesel pools yet...
But yeah I did use BeeSwap for swapping some tokens...

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I like BeeSwap website and use it every day... For swaps and liquidity pools...


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Yeah I am also satisfied with it so far

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Super thanks, I need to get my toes wet!

You are welcome! I'm glad if it helped a bit in understanding the dynamics...

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It did, i made my first LP on HE today!

I love the fluidity in the diesel pools. Being able to add or take out as you wish without fees or even having a wait time is most ideal. The swap hive:DEC pool is one of my largest too. The pool rewards are ho-hum, but the added points to the SPS airdrop are huge!

Being able to add or take out as you wish without fees or even having a wait time is most ideal.

Yup! That's a huge thing to be able to add or remove without any fees...

The pool rewards are ho-hum, but the added points to the SPS airdrop are huge!

When you add swapping fees to your rewards APR, earnings aren't that bad at all... After pegging DEC, I suppose that there will be more trading, which could mean more FEE earnings, too... ;)


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I go to tribaldex positions to see how much in fees I have earned. It's a good place to keep track of things.

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The problem with that page is that those FEEs are calculated for the whole period of time and it's hard to calculate APR... Especially if you have a dynamic pool like I have, adding liquidity every day... lol...

On the page where you can check all pools, you can do that as you can filter by day/week...


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