When to Accumulate Hive Power and When HBD? .:. #MyHiveGoals 2022

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We are lucky that we have 2 tokens on one blockchain and we are extremely lucky that we have many ways how can accumulate them... I will explain my method of accumulation of these tokens in different market/price-wise periods...

But, before diving into it, just to clarify that none of this is financial advice... This is just the method that I follow in my Hive Power (and HBD) accumulation!

First, when I said many ways of accumulating tokens, I meant not just by creating and upvoting posts, but also, by playing games, investing, trading, and many other ways... But, today, I will focus on the main ways of accumulation, creating content, and curating others' posts...

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When you create posts here on HIVE, after 7 days, you receive "compensation" for doing that in form of author rewards... At the moment, if you didn't change in settings, you will receive half of the author rewards in Hive Power and another half in HBD... When you upvote posts by other fellow Hivers, you receive curation rewards in form of Hive Power...

Like anyone else, I'm also creating and curating content on the chain, so I also get these two tokens... Also, as you already know, I'm trying to accumulate as much Hive Power as I can, as I would like to reach the ORCA rank by the end of this year... To reach that, I had to "discipline" myself to follow strictly my "rules of the game"...

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I have picked my "own price" of HIVE that I found "real"... This isn't my prediction, or anything else, it's just the price that I'm comfortable with... And I think that $0.50 per HIVE is that price... So, according to that price, I try to follow these rules...

  1. If the price of HIVE is under $0.50, I'm trying to collect as much possible Hive Power as I can... Convert most of my assets into it and power it up... Also, if there are some good delegation offers, I delegate my HP to earn more HP! If I have some saved HBD from before, and the price of HIVE keeps falling, I buy more...

  2. If the price of HIVE is between $0.50 and $0.70, I keep both tokens from my author rewards, HP and HBD... Eventually, I exchange some other H-E tokens into HIVE if I have reached goals for them, or I'm not interested in them...

  3. If the price of HIVE is over $0.70, I keep my HBD and if I have some spare HIVE, I'm exchanging for HBD... Powering down isn't an option, so only my liquid HIVE is exchanged... When I exchange, and I don't need HBD immediately, I put them in saving to get an additional 20% APR... After a while, if the price of HIVE drops, I will have some ammunition to buy cheap tokens! Removing HBD from savings lasts only 3 days, so I can count on that funds!

And that's it... It sounds maybe complicated, but it's not... It just follows the easy rule... Buy cheap, sell high!

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Let's get back to the #MyHiveGoals and numbers for the last week... After reaching those sweet 50K, I have added "only" 500 HP during the past week and made some hard decisions regarding my SPS tokens...

screenshot from hivestats.io

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I have reached my monthly LEO Power goal last week, but I have decided to stake my curation rewards despite that... On the other side, I couldn't resist stacking more HIVE, so I did exchange all my LEO tokens from my author rewards...

pg divider203.png

Not too much to say regarding the WORKERBEE tokens... I didn't buy any, so I'm still at the same place where I was 7 days ago... The good news is that we have another big sell order at 2.5 HIVE that looks like the one from the token creators... Not sure about that, but probably is... Anyways, it's nice to see that nobody wants to see WB for a cheap price, which says a lot about the value of the token!

A similar story is around the BEE token and my strategy regarding it... I'm staking my curation earnings and selling part of my author rewards, for the same reason that I stated for LEO tokens... HIVE is juicy cheap atm... 😃

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My RISING STAR goal didn't progress the same as usual as I have blended 2 special Halloween animated NFTs... That means that I have "burned" 20 cards to get 2 more valuable cards... But, as I reached this goal a long time ago, I'm just having fun with the game, trying to have as many different cards as possible...

Huh... It's time to admit my mistake with the SPS tokens goal and accumulation... As you may know, in previous reports I said that I'm unstaking most of my tokens and putting them as liquidity into the diesel pool... That didn't mean that I have sold them forever, but rather put them in another place where they can generate better APR... But...

I knew that there will be an airdrop for SPS stakers for the new GLX tokens, but I didn't expect that the APR for staking those tokens will be over 2000% in the first couple of days... I mean, I knew that it will be high, but not that high... So, I had to swallow my pride and admit that I made a mistake when I unstaked the tokens... Luckily, they are liquid in the pool, so I put them out, converted them back to SPS, and staked them! As the price of the SPS tokens went down a bit (from the moment when I put them in the pool), I have "earned" even more tokens doing that... So, in conclusion, at the moment, I have all my SPS tokens staked, and I have almost double the last week's amount... Over 88K tokens are staked, working for that GLX airdrop! SPS tokens goal reached!

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It's time to update the numbers and put them into the spreadsheet until the next week! So, freshly updated numbers for #MyHIVEGoals, on November 20th, 2022 are:


Join us in this awesome #MyHiveGoals and let's grow together! You can find the original post about the challenge by @robwillmann here.

Thank you for your time,


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The link to my initial 2022 Goals Edition is here...

These are my initial goals for 2022 created on January 2nd, 2022:


Update 06.02.2022.
BEE POWER 2500 --> 3500
RISING STAR NFTs 5555 --> 6000
Update 04.09.2022.
HIVE POWER 54000 --> 55000 (ORCA rank minimum went up)

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If you want to support my witness, you can do it by voting for @ph1102.ctp here https://tribaldex.com/witnesses, or just scan the QR code down below...


Don't forget to follow, reblog, and browse my Hivepage to stay connected with all the great stuff!

You can also find me on LEO Finance .:. Twitter .:. LBRY

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Keep growing buddy and thanks for this insightful and informative post.

Thanks! I will do my best! This is our home and we have to be good hosts! :)


I wish you the best

Nice progress! Sometimes I am lazy to time the price movements, just keep collecting both hehe!

Sometimes it's better just to turn off the thinking and do the routine... :) So, maybe you are doing it right! :)


I may plan this the wrong way, but if intuition is any basis for planning, mine says that we will see these price levels (or potentially lower, but I wouldn't bet on that) at least until the first part of January. So I'm accumulating some stables, for now, to use on next year's Hive goals. Otherwise, I like your price levels for HIVE. 50c was a strong one for me too, although for me anything below 70c is a good price to buy HIVE and anything below 40c is awesome for accumulation.

As for the SPS, we all miscalculate sometimes. And the contrarian option isn't always the best one. Even though I often choose the contrarian option.

I agree with you that we will probably stay in this range or go down, especially after the second black swan event with FTX, and some others knocking on our doors... But, we will see... I didn't attach that $0.50 price to any time, it was more like a "price that suits the most" 😃 Tbh, maybe exactly because of the fact that we could stay low for more time, I got that idea of pushing toward 100K next year... lol... I know that I will not sell my HIVE for under $0.5, so what's the best thing to do with it? Power it up! 😂


Yep, you could try that! If the bear market continues throughout most of 2023 (and it might), we might not see a better time to accumulate at low levels for such an extended period of time.

Now everyone will praise you for a great post!

It doesn't have to! 😃
But, thanks for your comment!


Looking at the results it is clear that your method works. Congratulations on the numbers!

Heheheh... Thanks! It's not easy to do it as it sounds, but it works... 😃
When you see that everyone is screaming and running to the woods, it's hard to click that BUY button 😃


They will return to the prairie and they will have to pay dearly for the grass.

Great post and lots of information.
I look also at what the price of Hive is. And choose how to receive the rewards. 100% or 50-50%
It makes a difference for sure. 🤓

Happy new week 👋🏻😎

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Thanks! It makes a difference for sure... Just have in mind that it doesn't matter if HIVE is up or down, you will receive the same amount of HP according to your upvotes... Yes, it looks less in USD, but it is the same in HIVE...
Many people don't see that and stop creating during the bear market, but 1 HIVE is always 1 HIVE... 😉

A happy new week to U2! :)


Yep, I fully understand. We can built up so much more now. Most don’t see that.

I never stop creating, too much fun here. It’s good for the community that we (the active ones) stay active. To grow together.

Thank you so much 👋🏻😎 enjoy yours!


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Thank You on another, awesome, very informative post. :)

Thank you for your kind words, my friend! It's a pleasure to see that you got value from it!


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That's interesting strategy. At the moment, I am also planning to do 100% powerup since it's prime time to accumulate. You'll be a whale soon at this rate 😄

I still have some liquid HIVE in my bags from some good trades, but not enough to be soon a whale... 😂


How difficult is it being a whale these days? 😂

Awesome man..
I also love to convert HBD into Hive when price is below 0.3
Starbits price is still on low side but I love to play everyday

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Starbits price is still on low side but I love to play everyday

Agree with you! The community is great, and it's awesome to hangout with everyone every Sunday in the live show... ;)

Thanks for the comment! Appreciated!


That is an interesting strategy. I have been "free-styling" it until now but maybe its about time I start applying some method to my madness...

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I was doing like you for a long time, but, as you said, you have to implement some method and follow it... As this whole crypto (and not just crypto) is madness... :)


It's interesting to see your approach and the numbers confirm the effectiveness of the method.
When I really started with Hive in the spring, I naively had no real plan and only gradually understood the relationship between HIVE and HBD and the possibilities that open up.
Since I wanted to reach my first goal of 1k as soon as possible, I always had 100% Hive power in my posts for the last months. It wasn't until last week when I reached that goal that I went back to 50/50 payout.

The next obvious goal now would be dolphin status, but the road to that seems very long. Especially because I don't feed any outside money here on HIVE. But let's see what the new year will bring. 😄

I wish you a pleasant week!


@ph1102! You Are Alive so I just staked 0.1 $ALIVE to your account on behalf of @captainloken. (3/10)

The tip has been paid for by the We Are Alive Tribe through the earnings on @alive.chat, feel free to swing by our daily chat any time you want.

When I really started with Hive in the spring, I naively had no real plan and only gradually understood the relationship between HIVE and HBD and the possibilities that open up.

Most of us began our journey like that, me included... I needed over a year to start with some kind of a "growth plan"... And to be honest, it helped me a lot, as I keep my focus much better than before, trying to exclude emotions and follow the plan... Before that, I was jumping from one token to another, throwing money into the well without the bottom...

The next obvious goal now would be dolphin status, but the road to that seems very long. Especially because I don't feed any outside money here on HIVE.

If I say that I didn't invest outside money, I would lie, but... I did that at the beginning only, and lately, I can't remember when I bought HIVE and transferred in... Most of my earnings are from content creation, curation, gaming, diesel pools, etc... So on-chain activities mostly!

Try to divide your dolphin goal into smaller monthly/weekly goals and it will be a lot more reachable goal... 😉


I think when it comes to hive and HBD everyone actually have a plan that suits them. I think your below 0.5 plan is really not bad at all. For me, I've been trying to put everything in hive power while halting HBD savings.

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For me, I've been trying to put everything in hive power while halting HBD savings.

At these moments, I'm doing almost the same... HIVE is too cheap to not be accumulated and HBD rewards are too low... ;)


Nice to see that. Yeah, I'm doing kinda same too as I just need WORKERBEE left in myhivegoals. I convert all income from other tokens to WORKERBEE 👍
GO GO~ @ph1102's orca in 2022

It's great to see that you have accomplished almost all your goals for this year! I'm sure you will get there with WB too!

Thanks for your kind words!



What do you say when a Southern person stabs you in the back?

Credit: reddit
@ph1102, I sent you an $LOLZ on behalf of @cursephantom

Farm LOLZ tokens when you Delegate Hive or Hive Tokens.
Click to delegate: 10 - 20 - 50 - 100 HP

I still receive my rewards in 50% HP and 50% HBD because I still want to add more to my HBD pile. I am tempted to buy some Hive though as the prices are cheap but my goals come first.

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Of course! Follow YOUR goals and do whatever is needed to accomplish them... ;)



Thanks for the !BEER

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