The one I consider the biggest mistake when trading

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When we trade in general, we can all make many mistakes, errors that are caused by technical failures, appreciation failures, failures due to issues beyond your control, etc.

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Trading is something that can be defined as simple and complex at the same time, experienced traders really know what I am talking about here.

The worst mistake when trading

But the worst mistake when trading (crypto assets or whatever) is in my view, stop doing what you have to do even when you know you have to do it, even when you correctly intuited what you should do.

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A lot of times has happened to me

Especially at the level of technical analysis, I consider myself a really prepared trader, so much so that I can read charts and actually predict where the price will go with a very high degree of certainty. Of course I do not know and cannot predict exactly where the price will go (no one can do it with 100% certainty, and whoever says so is lying or naive), but I can predict the movement of the market price of any asset with a high degree of probability of success.

The problem that many times I make mistakes in my operations is because of my emotions ... I see the graphs, I know what I have to do, but still, I don't ...

It has happened to me winning and it has happened to me losing
It has happened to me that I am winning in a trade and when I see the graphs, I see that the price will reverse and still I wait, doing nothing, waiting as if the price were going to rise more ...

It has also happened to me when a price is falling, I have signals to enter a buy, but because the price is so low, I do not decide to enter ...

But the worst case scenario is when I see the exact candlestick pattern that defines a rise or fall on the chart, and I do nothing ... I call it a trader's lock!

What to do about it

I think that what we have to do in this regard is to continue studying, to continue improving our confidence in our analysis of the market, but above all, to realize that in trading anything can happen, therefore, we must improve our vision of ourselves and our emotions to be able to do better in our operations and achieve success.

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