What indicators does an expert trader use?

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Trading is an art, there is no doubt about that, and just as everyone cannot be an artist, neither can everyone be a trader.

What it takes to be a trader

Trading requires having a wealth of knowledge and the gathering of a series of factors in order to be able to do it adequately and successfully. A successful trading is none other than one that gives real profits through the realization of the largest possible number of successful operations ( in percentage terms).

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Being a trader requires courage, it requires discipline, self-control, honesty, self-knowledge, and a number of other things. But it also requires a certain level of knowledge of technical and fundamental factors in order to achieve the desired success.

Indicators used by an expert trader

It is relative, as far as technical analysis is concerned, there are traders who do not use absolutely any type of indicator in their operations (they only see the graphs and they already have a very good idea of ​​what the market will most likely). And in the other hand, exist traders who use one, two, three or more indicators at the same time.

Reviewing the charts without indicators is an art, it is a science and it is not available to everyone, because it requires extreme knowledge of the subject of trading. But working with indicators can be a great help, in this sense, most traders who use indicators use the moving averages of 50 and 200 periods as a basis to establish or delimit the directionality of the price.

Many others use the stochastic indicator, the MACD, the Bollinger bands, the RSI, and many others.

I particularly

I generally only use a pair of moving averages, the supertrend, the bollinger bands, and the rsi in my regular trading. These few indicators allow me to understand where the price is going with a very high probability of success.

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But I have been trading for several years now, which allows me to understand the markets and indicators better than most people. Even so, I live studying technical analysis books to continue improving my understanding in this regard, and I am always aware of the fundamental factors of the market, to make more accurate decisions in my operations.

The key here

The key here is to understand that the success of a trader is not about using one technical indicator or another, you can use whatever you want, as long as you really learn to use them properly and know how to control yourself during your trading in the markets.

And what you do you think? What technical indicators that you usually use?

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