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RE: Friday Update BTC ETH HIVE Charts - Cypto Plus Van Life Equals Freedom

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Sorry for all of the comments, I should wait till the end.. But hey, if your business is not making money because you keep reinvesting profit, like Jeff Bezos did with Amazon, I see nothing wrong with that if you have records to prove your expenses..... Servers, Making "Reward Pools" I think would be an expense, right? Each time you drive to a new place to do recording, it cost gas, thats a business expense... Am I looking at this all wrong? I plan to make my LLC very soon and just asking questions.


I don’t really drive around to do recordings unless the place I am currently sitting is just not a good location. But yes you can do it that way as well. I log so many miles as a delivery driver that it all works out for me that way. But yes, I know Youtubers that do that. Servers are an expense for sure and get written off. Basically anything you use for your business, and I consider this a business.