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RE: Nailing Solana Shorts Today! Ride The Waves And Stay In Profit!

in LeoFinance8 days ago

I see you use the volume profile and volume profile auto again. I haven't found any on comprehensive tutorial about them. And Is exochart free to use? Thanks.


Ecocharts is free to use but the data is limited. They have different monthly plans.

As far as volume profile, there are a ton of YouTube videos out there on how to use it. Once I feel more comfortable, I will make my own videos on 3speak, but just want to make sure I have it all nailed down. Those specific indicators, I figure out how to use on my own. I like having both the larger profile and the micro profiles. It helps allot when you are planning a trade or in the the micro timeframes doing some scalp trading. Which is what I do allot of.

Ok, thanks. I have been learning to trade intraday or scalp as well. I usually us trendlines, SR, sometimes fib level, and look for break of structure. Your previous article has opened a new way for me to proceed in learning to trade.