Pleasantly Addicted to Hive and the Wonderful World of Blockchain

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I remember a time when I had to check facebook every second of every day. Just to see if I had more notifications, how much likes I got, or to read whatever everyone else is complaining about this time. Arguments were also a part of the experience. Well, that is still amusing to witness from time to time. But now it doesn't interest me as much anymore. Instead, I'm here on Hive each day, reading well thought out blog posts. Quality content that people put their time, minds, energy and heart into. With each person having their own writing style and a community existing for about every subject, how can someone not love the experience.

I can't remember a time when I posted on mainstream social media or commented on something on any mainstream social media platform, but Hive is a different case, as I find myself writing almost every day, becoming a better writer in the process. The best part for me personally is the fact that I'm interacting with different people around the world, learning about different countries, their food and their cultures. Their politics and the problems they face. How they deal with or solve those problems. This means that besides the obvious financial incentives I also gain knowledge and development of my own character from this platform.

Today I logged on to Facebook and mostly felt like I was in some kind of strange post-apocalyptic virtual world, filled with ignorance and stupidity. Scary to think that some of those people will soon be here as well as blockchain approaches mainstream adoption. But I'm hopeful that the platform will enlighten them instead of them polluting the environment. Thankfully the Hive blockchain has the necessary measures in place that should be able to regulate whatever the community wants it to be.

All in all, I feel at home here, and continue to be glued to my screen daily. For long periods of time sometimes. The only difference being that these periods of time are not a waste as they once were in centralized virtual reality.


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Can't remember the last time I did anything on FB
I check in on rare occasion because a friend pinged me

Welcome to the Hive addiction hehe

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I use it mostly now to read about the locals their opinion on topical things happening in the country, kind of like a twisted news source. But sometimes it gives me more headaches than news. xD


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Nuestra mirada y perspectivas en las redes sociales básicas cambian cuando conocemos las redes sociales descentralizadas. Sin duda es otro nivel.!

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Same thing here man. I nuked my facebook account and never looked back. Glad to have someone over here like you who takes the time and thought into their posts.


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