Farm, Stake, or Buy! Adopt a Strategy and Jump in Now! A Status-Quo Post

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This is my first post here and I hope to be well received. It took me a while to have the courage to post here.

FACT: These days, most of you are highly focused on Cub Finance since LeoFinance expanded into DeFi on the Binance Smart Chain.
I know and I regret the fact that I got in Hive and all of this so late. And, maybe, this post is to uplift my optimism a bit also.


This morning, I told myself that my number one favorite thing about cryptocurrency is that anyone and everyone can build wealth with it. Now I am telling you this, even if I know you might already believe it too.

Financial resources: Whether you have a few dollars or hundreds of thousands, or maybe even more, it can work for you.
You got no money?
Accessibility: That's OK. Hive ecosystem is here to empower each person, 3rd world country citizens having a PC/phone/tablet and internet, disabled persons or sick ones, going through hard times and not being able to work and more

But there still is a learning curve to overcome. And that is good.


Because crypto is still young, that means you can benefit as an early adopter before the masses really jump in.

We’re starting to see that more and more each day.

Look at Tesla and Bitcoin latest news!

Retailers are even starting to offer bitcoin gift cards.

It’s happening.

Lots of different names for the same thing: cryptocurrency.

If you think the names are confusing…that's ok too.

You already know that Bitcoin is the leader of a growing pack of new “coins” taking over for the old, lethargic currency riddled with red flag after red flag. But we also know that Hive has people power behind it and can be a daily target and piece of the pie that anyone can have by being active in the ecosystem, selling NFTs, or playing around with investing new coins.

Crypto is already a financial trend. I am not an early adopter. I have just awakened! But I am glad I did it before my government, at least. I am somehow positioned...low:) but I am there. If you don’t pay attention right now, it will cost you dearly. Who knows what's next for societies, banks, governments, and soon?

Retailers, online marketplaces, car manufacturers, tech firms, even banks, and financial institutions are racing to avoid being left behind.

The value of cryptocurrencies is skyrocketing.

Here’s a CRAZY fact:
The combined value of the two previous stimulus checks — $1,200+$600 — That $2,000 would be over $10,250 as of today had you immediately purchased Bitcoin.


Speaking of stimulus, there is a negative impact on the value of the dollar coming due to the trillions of dollars that the Fed has been madly printing over the past year.

As veteran trader Peter Brandt warned on 7th of March 2021...

With all the attention that Bitcoin has had of late, analyst Michaël van de Poppe tweeted
“I've noticed the decrease of social media engagement and media attention on Bitcoin recently. While a few weeks ago, everyone and their parents wanted to get Bitcoin out of FOMO,” he tweeted on Monday, 8th of March.
Later adding, “However, the current period is the time to accumulate your positions. When there's no hype.”

Here’s my favorite thing about Cryptocurrency
You can participate in AND profit from it whether you have $1.00 or $1,000,000 or nothing but willingness to use your internet in your favor.

Crypto lets EVERYONE access wealth.

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Welcome to the community! 🦁

#crypto is made by the people, for the people. A Swiss bank in everyone’s pocket has evolved in a big way

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@khaleelkazi, ty so much for your comment. I had such high emotions to post in LeoFinance! Even though I worked for an Austrian bank years ago and hold an MBA....I still feel I am so behind with cryptofinance so I also learn from other people here.

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Actually you're early! We are just getting started so welcome on board!
I also fully agree that most of last month was pure hype for the rally. I honestly figured we would have hit back to 35k - 40k levels but some how we ramped right back up over 50k!

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@bitcoinflood, thank you for the encouragement!
I was just looking at some bets for BITCOIN PRICE - MARCH
"What will the Bitcoin price be at 23.59 UTC on the 31st of March 2021?"
Predictions excite me though I own 0 BTC :)) I wonder what would be the feeling if I were actually owning any. Maybe I would try to stay optimistic and keep my eyes on the market 1001times/day:))
I am more relaxed here with Hive. But work on some satoshi on a side ...hihi


Seems to be on a healthy track upwards not really fueled this time by random stars with influence tweeting about it so to me that's actually a positive thing. Normally as bitcoins price tracks upwards a lot of altcoins such as Hive will start to trend upwards as money is flowing around.

I am so happy I came here and posted. The dynamics and communication are wonderful. Thank you for your input and insights! They value me a lot to me at this moment.

Such a meaningful article! Thank you for sharing! It is important to get more people to hive and my next move is participating in cub finance. Just need to load up on some BNB and bleo :)

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Ty you for the appreciation,@solymi! It took me some time to make the courage to write here.
Hive needs social fuel, yes. And I will contribute with my part in this soon. Let me know about your strategy to approach cub finance. Maybe I will follow it! Good luck!

Very well written post. Thanks for sharing, and welcome.

I'll share it with a friend i've been trying to persuade to jump into crypto.

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta, ty for stopping by and reading it. Feel free to share it with people needing a push/help to join us here. You'll be their benefactor!

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Great article! I tried to make a similar point here:

We're at the beginning of something revolutionary.

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@daneriksson, I appreciate the fact that you have taken the time to read it! All of us who can contribute to this dynamic of social change through awareness can call ourselves #hiveevangelists Posting about it might be our "token of appreciation" for the value of hive.

Welcome to the community!

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Ty! Hug!

Welcome to the community! I'm also a new member and I liked your writing so I subscribed ;)

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Hey,@lfm123! Great! Let's keep connected so we can be guides for each other on this path!

Welcome! great post earned my follow

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Ty so much, @marki99 !